Extreme Makeover Landscape Style

What started out as a good intention to get new sod and spruce up our flower beds turned into Extreme Makeover Landscape Style. I’m not complaining though. The finished product turned out better than I could have ever imagined. This is the culmination of hours and hours of backbreaking labor, diligence and an eye for design. I am amazed at the work the landscaper produced. He (and his crew) dug and built the retaining walls, levelled the grass area, selected and planted all new plants, fixed our irrigation and installed the sod. Now I have four of my favorite trees: a lovely Japanese Laceleaf Maple, a regular Japanese maple, a sugar maple, and a weeping something or another. Oh, and a front yard that I absolutely adore.
I’ll get some better pictures next time I don’t wake up before the birds *just* because I was excited to get some pictures of my yard……

It’s hard to see in the first picture, but the retaining wall in front curves around…

The tree you see in front is a laceleaf maple. The leaves are reddish most of the year, and have this amazing shape (like lace) but in the fall, the leaves turn this amazing deep red. The taller tree behind that is a Japanese maple whose leaves turn an amazing shade of red as well. Next to that is the weeping tree. BEFORE

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  1. Yes, my name is Arizona says

    That’s absolutely beautiful! What a difference it makes for your home. Its a shame that big tree in the before pic had to go, but its absence makes such a huge difference in the aesthetics of your property.

  2. WOW! The results are really amazing! The big tree really HAD to go. I love how you can see the house. Everything they did is truly wonderful! It has such great curb appeal!

  3. Crazymamaof6 says

    GORGEOUS! seriously should be in a magazine or on a show, it’s so fabulous! congrats on that!

  4. It looks great now! Your landscaper really did a great job! I can’t wait to see those trees bloom and change colors…of course you’ll have to take pictures for me 😉

  5. Are You Serious! says

    ♥ It looks GREAT! and looks much better w/out the tree! 🙂

  6. how beautiful!!

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  8. It looks so much better. I think your house is so beautiful that the old way was blocking how great it looks.
    I love it!
    And we have one of those little japanese maple trees too in our front yard. It’s our favourite.

  9. Casey's trio says

    It looks so nice Angie! What a difference with the huge tree gone from the front. I love Japanese maples too!

  10. I just love a beautiful yard and gardens – it looks fabulous!!!

    Hope you had a good weekend – see you soon. Kellan

  11. The new yard ROCKS! I also have a Japanese Laceleaf Maple and I love it.

  12. From the Board says

    It looks great now with that tree gone. Too bad you have to move now!!!

  13. Looks amazing!

  14. Jocasta and Wayne says

    Angie – looks wonderful!

  15. Don Mills Diva says

    Your house is just beautiful. We have a Japanese maple in front of our house too – I love it!

  16. Stephanie says

    WOW! Love it 🙂 I’m so glad there are people who have “the eye” for design, b/c I certainly don’t! They did a beautiful job.

  17. girlytwins says

    OMGoodness…It looks so good! I love it. I would buy your house in a heart beat if I was moving to Oregon.

  18. Holy crap the transformation is amazing! Beautiful!

  19. Clark Captions says

    Wow Angie! You guys are really going to town! Everything looks so beautiful! You guys are expert interior decorators and landscapers! So much talent! Wayt to….it really does look so nice.

  20. Looks great, and the best thing is, you had someone else do it!

  21. carrie & troy keiser says

    Awesome! Your yard is beautiful!

  22. jenni anne says

    wow. what a difference!!! your house is so beautiful! and i love the rock retaining wall, it really adds so much! i was just looking at the pictures of the inside too, and it’s crazy how much of a diference crown molding makes! you make me want to get working on my house now!!