Epithelial Ingrowth

So, shall we revisit the issue of my eyes? The good news is that my vision is great. 20/15. And the redness is pretty much gone. The not so good news is that my flap didn’t heal properly in one area on my left eye (the eye that did not have to have the flap re-smoothed) and a space was left where the flap should have been. For a visualization, it is like the edge of my flap smooshed up a little. So, epithelial cells have grown in that area where the flap should have been, which is perfectly fine, as long as they only stay in that “filled in” area. If they spread and move up under my flap then then it could cause my vision to appear as if there is a veil covering my eye, or like wearing a dirty contact. If that looks like it might happen, they’ll hav to re-lift my flap and irrigate the epithelial cells. Ouch. So, keep your fingers crossed that those cells will do their job and stay put. I do NOT want to have to have the flap lifted again. The conjecture as to why this happened? I’m a vigorous blinker. Whatever.

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  1. Doug & Stacy Fournier says

    awesome news about your vision! i will pray that the cells stay put and you don’t have to have to have another procedure done! i think you have been through enough. you’ll have to have more staring contests with your kids so you stop blinking….lol 🙂

  2. ah crap! hope it doesn’t come to another surgery!

  3. OK, ready? I have several comments. First, I have never known you to be a frequent blinker, a loud breather or a fork biter or any other unflattering habit-doer. Secondly, I’ve been thinking a lot about you and I have to give you some close friend advice. Start playing the lottery immediately. You are the person I know with the most amount of “luck.” Now, it could be argued that your luck is either good or bad, but that is beside the point. There is a lot of luck there baby. And lastly, when Sean and Julie move, I hope you are prepared for the nearly nightly visits I will be making to your house so that my children can have your children as pseudo-cousins.

  4. The Pruetz Family says

    Holy cow! What a rollercoaster! I hope all is better SOON and without the need for another surgery.

  5. Casey's trio says

    Not everyone can pull off red in ANY room. Your home looks beautifully decorated and yes, very clean. You would be horrified if you were my next door neighbor and had to come over to borrow some sugar!

  6. Casey's trio says

    I’m a total dork and wrote my last comment on the wrong post…you know which one it goes with though:)

    Prayers that you will not need anymore surgery are coming your way. I agree with Heather…go win the lottery and show your loyal blog commentors some $$love$$

  7. Oh no!! I will keep you in my prayers. I am sorry you have had so much trouble.. but it has to be worth it not having to deal with glasses and contacts!