When we were at grandpa’s house the kids picked lots of cherries so that they could become rich. When we returned home the kids had a cherry stand that lasted about 30 minutes. I guess the money wasn’t pouring in fast enough. They did “make” $6.00, but once the loot was distributed it didn’t seem like so much. To Grace anyway. You know, after So. much. effort. (can you hear my sarcasm?) One of life’s hard knocks. Can’t make a million from 3 lbs. of cherries.

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  1. Collegegirl says

    Sounds yummy! If I lived closer I would have bought some. I mean, look at those sweet smiles!

  2. Collegegirl says

    Glad someone else is awake this morning! Have fun!!!

  3. the schirano triplets says

    i used to do the same exact thing with lemonade stands when i was little…only last about 20 minutes. it so cute that they tried though! there are kids in my neighborhood that set up a lemonade stand every once in a while and they will stay out there all day long! crazy!

  4. Veggie Mom says

    Well, six bucks is six bucks, isn’t it? 🙂 My kids are impatient, too. I wonder how Bill Gates got started? BTW, I *tagged* you in a post this morning–hope you have fun playing along!

  5. les_mason_curt says

    I have totally been added to your blogging list, and I LOVE IT! Thanks for the comments too! Kepp up the good work, your blog ROCKS!

  6. What seamed like a good idea at the time doesn’t always work out in the end. We always wanted to have a kool-aid stand. Well my mom would make us buy her sugar and by that time it wasn’t worth it! At least it kept them busy in Utah picking cherries!

  7. LOL! Aren’t you supposed to be kicking back in Cancun?

  8. Mom Taxi Julie says

    I’ll never forget the time we had a lemonaide stand. I think we spend $10 to make .10 cents.

  9. What a great idea! Sorry the sales were so lacking. At least you guys have a great memory from it! 🙂

  10. I like how the sign says “organic cherries”! Very cute!

  11. I love cherries and would have bought them out at those prices. Organic to boot. Ha ha.

  12. Life is just a bowl of cherries, and sometimes, it’s just the pits.

  13. So cute. I LOVE fresh cherries- I totally would have bought some!

  14. It’s good for them to be learning life’s tough lessons at such a young age.

  15. I think you are awesome! If you won’t point me in the right direction on your blog, well then I’ll just have to do my own homework. You could be one of my winners, you know! You would go down in blog-history to have been selected by moi! (Actually, there aren’t many on my blogroll, so technically….lol)

    Thanks for your awesome comments!

  16. Sean Gates says

    Organic? Yuck! (JK)

  17. I so would have bought some if I would have driven by, especially since they were organic.

  18. How cute is that picture. I love cherries. We just got and I kid you not like 10 pounds for free from some friends here. We are on cherry overload.


  19. Organic cherries…LOVE it! LOL

  20. But what a fun time, though. My kids have done the lemonade stand, and they didn’t make much, either. I think I was their biggest customer…LOL.

  21. It’s so awesome that your kids are doing things like this. They learned a little lesson and were adorable doing it. You should be proud. Thanks for my comment.

  22. Poor, guys. Love the fact that these cherries are ‘Organic’. 🙂

  23. I LOVE cherries! I would have been buying some of those!!
    Could those kids get any cuter?

  24. Casey's trio says

    They are pretty smart entrepreneurs if they added “organic” to their signage!!!

  25. You have to start somewhere!! Great effort kids, 6 bucks in 30minutes that’s not too bad.

  26. Sherri - KaysvilleMomma says

    Just think…. they made $12 an hours!!! Cute!!!

  27. Are You Serious! says

    ♡ Yum cherries! Looks like they're having fun!

  28. Mekhismom says

    How cute! When they get older than can take those entreprenurial skills to the next level. I wish I lived close because I would have purchased some.

  29. Kerith Collins says

    that is such a great idea…and don’t knock $6.00…all awesome people started somewhere…

  30. A cherry stand is a cute idea! Very original, not the cliched lemonade stand, which we have done, TWICE. Something every child should do at some point…but not over and over again, I say. :o)

  31. Simply Stork says

    this reminds me of my sisters kids…they are little business makers…they always have a stand going in her driveway…they are the type of kiddo’s who could pick flowers out of your yard and sell them back to you…and you would gladly do it…(lol) oh the days of the friendly neighborhood lemonaid stand…

    sweet memories :o)


  32. i would have bought some if i passed by….

  33. So cute and I wish they had been selling on my street. I would have paid a pretty penny for those cherries!

  34. Churchill says

    $6 for 30 mins of work is pretty good in my book.

  35. Gunnisac Sandersons says

    SOunds like they learned a good lesson.

  36. Bonnie the Boss says

    Dang it, and that was my plan!!
    I’ll have to come up with another way to get filthy rich.
    Maybe I could become a mom. That ought to do it, wait, I already do that. I don’t think that is working out so well for me, in the money department I mean.

  37. MoziEsmé says

    Good lesson! Money takes an awful lot of work to make . . .

  38. I would have stopped by to buy some if I lived near you. Good on them for giving it a go. A half hour is a very long time to give it a fair go LOL

  39. Carrie and Troy Keiser says

    Fun! Kids have such great ideas ….for about 5 minutes! 🙂