Emetic recipe


Have child dump small container of dirt in face.
Lick dirt.
Lick dirt some more.
Throw up.
Tell brother in twin language how much fun it was.
Have brother eat dirt.
Take some pictures.
Throw up.
Mission accomplished.

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  1. I love it. That wasn’t the dead worm dirt was it? Ella loves eating the dirt in my plants too. Must be a taste you grow out of?!

  2. Was Jacob in the first pics and John below? Yuck!!!! You’re so good to capture these things! They looked like they were having a blast!


  4. triplet mama says

    Oh My! What fun those boys had. Any bets on whether they do it again?

  5. triplet mama says

    Okay, now who is in the white striped shirt? He looks like he got a MUCH bigger mouth full and is enjoying it a lot more than his brother!

  6. Jacob is the one in the white striped T-Shirt with more dirt. John spilled the dirt on his face and when I went inside to put the camera away, Jacob put the dirt in his mouth (not an accident). GROSS!

  7. Oh, probability that Jacob will do it again? Probably 100 percent. He enjoyed himself WAY too much. I’m guessing there’s about a 50 percent chance John will do it again.

    Yep, you’re right about the pictures. I’m so glad you’ve begun to comment on my blog. LOVE it.

  8. Kristin,
    NO, NOT the dead worm dirt. If it was, we would have had 3 people barfing!

  9. Dirt or nail polish?! What is worse? I think I would take the dirt. I guess boys will be boys!

  10. Doug & Stacy Fournier says

    wow, i only have one boy and he is not like that at all! those do look like true boy pictures though! they look like they had alot of fun!

  11. Is this what I get to look forward to? LOL From toilet water to this!