Easy Shark Week Party Idea {food & activities}

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My boys are SUPER into SHARKS right now and lucky for them, we decided to celebrate upcoming shark week with a party.  Here is an EASY party idea that you can throw for about $20 that will thrill your kiddos because it employs a trip to Cold Stone to pick up GREAT BLUE CUPCAKES {yummy} and two fun activities that will keep your kids entertained with Shark fun! coldstonen

Shark Treats

coldstoneb The best part of a Shark week party are the treats.  Any party that includes a trip to Cold Stone is a winner in my kids book, so be sure to include your kiddos in the trip to pick up the Great Blue Cupcakes.  If your kids are like mine, they’ll also score a scoop of the Shark Week Frenzy Ice Cream Creation. My boys loved the Blue Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Graham Cracker Pie Crust and Gummy Sharks! Cold Stone is a favorite in our family because they use high quality ingredients, their ice cream is freshly made daily in every location and we like their frozen granite station.  Mostly though, we just like the taste.  {smiling} coldstonec Note:  The Great Blue Cupcakes are in the freezer case so you can just grab and go if you are in a hurry! They come in a 6-pack for your convenience. In case you are wondering what to expect from the Great Blue Cupcakes? A rich Chocolate Cup is filled with a layer of yellow cake and blue sweet cream ice cream topped with fluffy blue frosting and a gummy shark.  {{sweet}}

The Great Blue Cupcakes are available from July 2nd to August 17th!

You can purchase them in-store at your local Cold Stone {like we did} or order Great Blue Cupcakes Online at ColdStoneCakes.com  coldstonea Besides the Cold Stone cupcakes, I served a blue drink.  You could use Gatorade, Powerade, or make your own Kool-Aid.  I added bubble gum balls for fun to look like bubbles, and added Swedish fish because, well, sharks eat fish.   It made for a fun spread that my boys adored devouring. coldstonem

Shark Party Activities

coldstoneejpg Making Paper Plate Shark Jaws is a craft that is inexpensive and easy.  This craft is for your older kiddos.  I’d say the kids need to be at least six or seven since cutting through a paper plate takes some dexterity.  Grab a paper plate and some scissors and let your bigger kids make their own shark jaws.  If you have younger children, you can make their shark jaws for them and let them decorate them!  To make our shark jaws, we just folded our paper plate in half and then cut the teeth out of the middle of the plate. We also tried to shape the outside of the plate like a shark jaw based on pictures we found online.  The nice thing about this activity is that you can make it super simple with just scissors, or you can take it to the next level and paint or decorate the jaw! coldstonef Watch shark documentaries!  My boys adore watching shark documentaries, so grab some iPads or other hand held devices and let them watch some good shark shows while they EAT their SHARK spread.  The nice thing about this activity is that you can tailor what they watch to the age so that it’s age appropriate.  Plus, if you find some good documentaries or movies, your kids could be entertained for quite some time…..{smiling}. coldstoneg It’s easy and inexpensive to celebrate Shark week starting on August 10th at 9/8c on the Discovery Channel™.  I love that Cold Stone and Cold Stone Discovery™ have come together to bring us another exciting summertime promotion for Shark Week! For more details, Follow @ColdStone on Twitter!

Which of the Shark Week items are you most excited to try?

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