Dumber Mom Award

I would have awarded myself just the Dumb Mom Award, but I think I deserve the Dumber Mom Award for this one.

scissors (used with a sing. or pl. verb) A cutting implement consisting of two blades joined by a swivel pin that allows the cutting edges to be opened and closed.

Dumb: allowing Grace to have a pair in her room against my better judgement

Dumber: trying to take scissors away from Juannie when said blades joined by a swivel pin are open and he’s holding the scissors with both hands. His first cutting experience was a success. I have a huge V shaped cut on my thumb. Job well done.

Award definitely deserved.

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  1. Are You Serious! says

    That’s sounds like something I probably would have done. You’re not dumb… I try to give Emma privileges like that… The other day I let her take crayon’s downstairs to her room to color and she left them down there instead of bringing them back up like she was supposed to and Lane colored on the walls. So her little bit of independence has been taken away AGAIN!!! Maybe I’ll try again in another 6 months or a year who knows? 🙂

  2. Ouch! I hope your thumb is ok. I have to be honest, I would have done the exact same thing.

  3. Casey's trio says

    Yikes. Not deserving of a dumber mom award…it’s funny how the little ones can find trouble in the spots you might not be expecting them to find it!

  4. Do you need a “bambaid?” Bambaids, as Vivian calls them, are the cure all!

  5. Jeremiah R. Jones says

    “An ounce of prevention….” something something something.

    It could ALWAYS be worse. You could have gotten the DUMBEST Mom award for changing your mind and trying to confiscate a python from one of kids.

  6. That seriously made me shudder to read. OWWWWW.

    When Gracie cut her hair for the second time in two weeks I got one of those awards too.

    I’m still shuddering a little.

  7. Are You Serious! says

    That’s funn about the bambaid. My kids call them bammaid’s and Livvy bit her tongue and the first thing she said was I need a bammaid!

  8. My name is Tammie says

    Oh ouch! Thank God it wasnt worse though. No Dumber Award for you though, your not dumber at all.

  9. you can’t blame yourself for anything, I hope your thumb’s ok and keep working on with your handraft stuff. I have my curtain and bedsheet cut by ar-ir, and I could not get mad about it, just a sigh. scissors and knives should be hidden, sure.

  10. Oh no! Are you o.k? Jacob’s preschool teacher told me last year he was behind in the cutting department… he needed to practice cutting. I was stunned, you mean I am going to have to let him use scissors? At least you rescued the scissors, I hope you are o.k. I got the dumbest person award last week but I have no desire to share the experience with anyone else. Some things are just too embarassing!

  11. Ow! Not fun–sometimes when you’re in those situations you don’t really think through the “what will happen if??” thing. Of course I get on my kids about not doing that either but I suppose I do it all the time.

  12. Crazymamaof6 says

    ouch! that is never good! I’d do it too! hope it heals quick!

  13. Owie! Jenna is obssessed with her scissors. I shudddered when she asked if she could get her hair cut, all the while holding her scissors, open, pointed at me…

  14. So if you get the Dumber Mom Award, what do I get for cutting my own hand while peeling an orange? LOL Don’t answer that! LOL I hope you heal quick. I never realized how much you depend on your thumb.

    Laura, I TOTALLY agree with you. Emma’s preschool teacher said the same thing to me. And she was still behind when she went to Kindergarten. I do not regularly give my kids scissors. We have had too many haircuts around here.