How to Make a Doll House Using Glass Shelves

How to Make a Doll House Using Glass Shelves is easy to do, lots of fun, and came about organically.  I came up with this idea to try and see if I could motivate my child to leave all of her toys, dolls, and stuffed animals in order. She would always take everything off the shelves and leave them on the floor after she was done playing. No matter how many times I asked her to put them back on the glass shelves, she would always forget, or maybe she just liked ignoring me. Either way, I thought of using the glass shelves to make some sort of little house so maybe it would attract her to put them there since it would look like they are home.

DIY doll house

Items Needed for Building a Doll House Out of Glass Shelves:

  1. Scissors
  2. Glass shelves
  3. Foam glitter sheets
  4. Match box
  5. Color paper
  6. Silicone glue
  7. Buttons
  8. Any decorative material

glass shelves

I am including before, in the process, and after pictures to show every step of the game. The first thing I did was to cut two pieces of cardboard to use as walls and I covered them with some nice colored papers. Then I added some Mardi Gras beads to use as decoration.

foam glitter sheets

The roof is also made out of cardboard decorated with foam glitter sheets. I chose pink because my daughter really likes it but they come in different colors. I cut a hole on the roof, took a match box and painted it to create a chimney.

glass shelves 2

The white part of the roof is also cardboard covered with white paper. Then I used some buttons and pasted them with clear silicone glue, I think you could try with regular glue but there is a better chance of them falling off.

This project took me about an hour and here are the wonderful results! My daughter now always leaves all of her toys in their little house and all of her friends are jealous the home mommy built for her! If you decide to try this out we encourage you to show us the results through a Facebook message so we can see other people’s ideas and share them!

About the author: Monica Kroos is a writer and decorator for Glass and Mirror Pros. If you liked this idea and want to see more cool DIY projects using glass and mirror objects you can follow us on Pinterest or Facebook.

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