Dinner last night

Jeff and I went out to dinner to celebrate our Anniversary although a little late last night. Benihanna’s. Yummy! August 1st. The day we saw two heads on the ultra sound and found out the twins were monoamniotic. August 1st 2007. The day I saw a grown man at our table pick his nose at dinner and wipe it on the woman next to him. Really. The woman treated him as if he was exculpable because he picked up the tab. WHO does that? And what is this world coming to when that is acceptable?

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  1. I have to fully understand this. This person was sitting at your table, someone you knew? EWWWW! Even if it was a stranger, still gross!!!

  2. We did not know that man. Benihana is a teppanyaki grill, so each table sits 8 people. Our table had 2 parties. Jeff and me and then 5 people in this other party. The man knew the woman he wiped the booger on (although I don’t think they were a couple)but STILL!

  3. The Pruetz Family says

    Seriously? I mean, I have nothing else to say aside from, “Seriously?”

  4. familyof6 says

    OOooooooh GROSS! For lack of better words!!!

    Love those little red head boys w/mud on their faces!!! TOO cute!!

  5. That is outrageous. Honestly. Makes me woozy. I am so sorry I’ve been a horrible commenter! I have been reading and catching up on everything though. Life doesn’t feel crazier than usual but somehow it just is. Put Alex on a plane to Ukraine this morning. Two weeks of mom and girl time. I will for sure at least see you on Sunday. Lilly’s giving the talk in Primary. SO MUCH to catch up on and fill you in on. What’s your week look like coming up?

  6. triplet mama says

    No excuse for that. Totally gross.

  7. I guess whenever we go to Benihana’s we have such a large party I never thought that strangers sit together and experience the dinner together. So gross still!!

  8. Doug & Stacy Fournier says

    well, we don’t have that restaurant around here, so i don’t know what i would feel like sitting with strangers, then to see one of them do that! that’s just disgusting!

  9. I love that restaurant. As for that man… WOW … i would have freaked!