Cream Cheese & Cucumber Sandwich Recipe {easy lunch idea}

We have two staple lunch sandwiches.  Peanut butter and jam {homemade-of course} and turkey.  In an attempt to “jazz” things up we try make sandwiches that are healthy, easy and still taste good.  One such sandwich is our Cream Cheese & Cucumber Sandwich.  It’s our adaptation of an English Finger Sandwich, but without the fresh herbs.

Daily lunch preparation is a whole lot quicker with helping hands.  Each year I have a “helper” and it’s that helpers job to assemble the lunches each morning.  This year my helper is Emma.  I oversee the operation, but basically, it’s Emma’s job to make sure the lunches get made and that all the elements of the lunches get set out.  Then, each child is responsible for putting their lunch in their lunch bag.

This particular lunch consists of cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches, fresh strawberries and celery with peanut butter and chocolate chips {thank goodness no one has peanut allergies in our family!}  Here’s how to make the Cream Cheese and Cucumber Sandwiches:

Cream Cheese & Cucumber Sandwich Recipe

  • sliced cucumber
  • white bread {I know that white bread isn’t ideal, but if I tried to pull this one off on wheat bread my kids wouldn’t touch it!}
  • onion and herb cream cheese


  • spread layer of cream cheese on bread
  • layer thin slices of cucumber on cream cheese layer
  • place bread on top of cucumber layer
  • cut crust off bread and cut on diagonal twice to make 4 pieces

That’s it!  It’s a super easy recipe, and all of my kids will eat it.  My pickiest eater does eat it grudgingly, but you can’t win them all, right?  I hope that these organizational tips and recipes for lunches are helpful as we {the Beyond Bologna crew} continue each day for a month to bring you the best we’ve got!  {smiling}

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  1. That’s a cute lunch box….don’t think the sandwich would fly here:)

  2. Wonder if The Dudes would like that?! Gonna have to check it out!

  3. That sounds good, i’ll have to try that. I usually use hellmann’s mayo for cucumber sandwiches.

  4. That looks like the perfect lunch for me! Who cares if my kids like it or not!

  5. Okay- another cute lunch container- and where did you get this one? 🙂

  6. Brutus Duffy says

    had these for lunch-very tasty-thank you!

  7. You’re blessed that your kids will eat those! Mine will NOT. They look really tasty to me though! 🙂

    And what a great idea to have a helper. Girls are great for that kind of thing… I should have had a girl first… 😉

    (u know, I know my boy could do it too, but u know what I mean…)