Conversations with Santa

Took the kidlets to see Santa for a Primary activity on Saturday and it turns out Santa was their uncle. I think even the twins may have known because they were pretty comfortable on his lap, considering. When Garrett had completed his turn I asked him whose lap he had sat on. He said, “Santa Cause. But it was really Jeremy”. The best part? Jeremy’s kids didn’t know it was their dad even after conversing with him on his lap. Shuush. Don’t tell. Jacob telling Santa he’s been a good boy. A bold faced lie at 2!

John’s a little unsure…”have I been a good boy?”

Emma tells Santa she wants the “Emma baby doll”.

Always in pose mode. Love that smile. He didn’t even bother asking what she wanted…….

All Garrett wants is a gun and a frisbee.

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  1. Crazymamaof6 says

    love the posing and the lie! smart kid. and the whole uncle thing, too funny his own kids didn’t recognize him,but yours did! i totally knew there was no Santa when i was 5 because they tried to pass my uncle off as the real deal.

  2. What a sharp guy Garrett is knowing it was his uncle! I can’t believe the twins were content sitting on a large hairy man’s lap. I am considering taking my kidlets but I am afraid they might be traumatized. They are experiencing stranger anxiety these days!

  3. Cute pictures of the kids. I need to get Myles to see Santa. He came to our ward party last Saturday but we left before he got there. The party was going way too long and we just couldn’t wait anymore. Myles was out of sorts and it wasn’t going to be a good picture anyway. Maybe the Mall Santa will do…

  4. Are You Serious! says

    That’s great that their uncle was santa. The only time Emma was okay with Santa was when she was 1 year and Santa was my brother. Crazy how even when they’re so young they just know!!! 🙂 Cute pictures!

  5. I love that bold faced lie! So cute! All your kids are so adorable!!!

  6. Cute. I’ll be intersted to see how Masaru does with Santa this year. I liked the comment about the bold faced lie lol. I thought that was funny.

  7. How cute! I love that Jacob told Santa he was good. And I have to laugh at Garrett, that is a boy who knows what he wants….and knows who his uncle is 😉

  8. All I want for Christmas is a pair of Dora light up shoes like Angie’s!

    P.S. The kids are adorable! Your pictures are always fabulous!

  9. So cute! I still can’t get over your twins- they are so dang cute (and quite a handful, I’m sure!)

  10. A gun and a frisbee? You’re set! My kids need a lesson on contentment!

  11. Driving With the Brakes On says

    You have an absolutely beautiful family! I have really enjoyed reading through your archives and learning about each of them. I love the pictures of them with Santa – even if they did know that it was their Uncle, it was worth it just to gets pics of them sitting so nicely – I don’t dare take mine to the mall, as I fear the hired Santa doesn’t stand a chance! I look forward to reading more! Thank you for stopping by my little spot as well.

  12. I don’t know why but I found it downright hysterical that Jeremy was Santa! And so funny about Tiki. Love that those boys, both of them, came and gave me big hugs at Mommy and Me this morning! I felt so important!

  13. Casey's trio says

    Now if I could get an uncle to dress up like Santa around here we might actually get a picture with the girls on his lap….NOT! I think they would still be freaked! How fun for your kids:)

    p.s. Love all the new commentors you have. I have to start checking out their blogs. They must be fun if they visit you!

  14. Too funny! Very smart that they figured out who it was. That way you got great pictures!!! My Twin Club had a party Saturday with Santa/ Olivia would not even accept the gift from him!

  15. hi my name is mommy says

    I love it. Your blog looks beautiful by the way! I guess I am really out of the loop. Hope your little circus is well, I think of you often!

  16. carrie & troy keiser says

    Love it! Troy’s dad played Santa for years with the LVMPD. When Cody was 3 he came in the helicopter to the school in the town we lived in. Santa came over and talked to him, later he said, “I think Santa is my Grandpa.” When we first moved here, our bishop {at the time} played Santa Albertsons and we went for pictures {they were free!} The kids all said they knew it was the bishop, because of his hands! 🙂 Moral of the story, don’t try and trick kids with people they KNOW! 😀