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As a child I remember making my Christmas list in….January. I started thinking about what I wanted and ways to get it. If it was something I could earn enough money to buy myself, I was right on it and was the best little work scrounger-upper around. I mowed lawns, ironed neighbors clothes, cleaned houses, cared for animals, watered plants, pulled weeds, babysat, you name it. This was in addition to my normal chores which I was not compensated for, I might add. My kids are too young to do many of these things, but even if they weren’t, it’s not the same. They don’t have ‘wants’ in the same way that I did. I’m fully aware that I play a large roll in this, yet it still bothers me somewhat. I’m thankful that my children have everything they need, and most of their wants too, yet I think ‘wanting’ things and learning how to prioritize (or discard the idea) and make a plan of attack is good too.

So, yesterday I braved the mall with all the kids because I heard Gymboree was having a huge sale and the girls wanted to look around to see if there was anything to buy with approximately $20.00 of their Christmas money. Thanks to Gymboree, the girls had a great lesson in money management and decision making. They had to figure out what they could afford and pick out the pieces that they knew they’d wear (they are no dummies and only wanted to buy things they really, really liked). It was music to my ears when Grace picked up a bracelet she HAD to have, asked how much it cost and quickly decided it wasn’t that great when it cost almost half of her budget.
Emma got $200 worth of clothes for $28.00 (she did exchange a dress though).

Grace snagged $92.00 worth of clothing for $18.00
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  1. Woohoo! Great deals!

  2. Driving With the Brakes On says

    What great deals!

    This is an issue that I am starting to think about – Cooper has not yet figured out that he can ask for toys and such, but he has become an adament user of the phrase “Mine”, and I cringe every time I hear it. I know that there are things in his world that are just his, but I want him to understand sharing and know that coveting anything and everything and that begging, whining, and crying for things is not okay. I pray every night that he does not take after his father in this department!

    How wonderful that the girls understood their budgets and chose accordingly – great job, Momma!

  3. Are You Serious! says

    Those are AWESOME deals. I seriously LOVE a great deal. I read somewhere that kids don’t fully understand the sharing concept until they’re like 5 or maybe it was 7. I’m constantly trying to work with my kids on that too… I love the budget idea. Joe’s parents gave each of the kids 20 bucks to spend on what they wanted and they did really good. Emma was of course old enough to understand better but it was interesting to watch her decide what she wanted! Great post!

  4. You were resourceful! I hated babysitting when I was young and iron clothes? Yuk. I would have pulled weeds or mowed lawns though! I agree that kids nowadays don’t have wants the way we did when we were young. I find myself buying my kids whatever they want, too, and I don’t think its a good thing. Great deals at Gymboree! I have yet to go there. One day I will!

  5. Crazymamaof6 says

    oh my gosh! now i ache to go to gymboree, you are telling an addict about that fabulous of a sale! love that they made great choices! they are so cute!! i love love the navy and pink shirt! so cute! what a great use of Christmas money! wish my kids would do that.

  6. Love the deals and the lessons learned! My Gymboree has nothing left from those lines or price points (I might add) we just have so many children here it sells out much mor quickly! I really want to teach my kids these skills too. I think learning to work, save money and buy things is one of the most important skills you need to learn! Good job Mom and girls!

  7. Wow, that was a great deal and quite the learning lesson for the girls. Looks like they both got the shopping gene, those clothes are CUTE!!

  8. carrie & troy keiser says

    Wow! good little shoppers {and their mom!} Clothes looks really cute, too! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you all the best in the year to come.

  9. What great deals….and what a great lesson for the girls. That is a great idea of money management for them!! Loved the nativity scene. That is a great picture!

  10. My name is Tammie says

    Woah! Great deal! Way to go bargin shoppers!!!

  11. Casey's trio says

    What a great way to spend a day! Bargain shoppers after my own heart:) I can’t pay full price when I walk into those places and always wait for the big sales. We have a Gymboree and Children’s Place outlet store near us…fun times!

  12. When I was a child I also had to earn money by myself to buy some things I wanted. I made and sold birthday cards, photo frames, and other handcraft stuffs. And, just like yours, my children also almost have anything they want. It is one of my childhood dream, that my children should live better than I did.
    Now I make them appreciate what they have by not always give them want they want.

  13. WTG on those deals!!! That is amazing!!! I may have to head over to our Gymboree later today after the snow stops.

    I struggle with this issue all the time. This was the first Christmas I have not heard the I Wants! I do not know what made it different. I think we were honest with them and said 3 gifts is it. So they really thought about what they wanted.

    I still struggle with teaching them about saving up their little amounts of money for big things. They just cannot seem to grasp that concept. My 4 yr old does better than my 8 and 7 yr old.

  14. I am so bummed that I missed that sale! Your girls did GOOD! You should be very proud!