Confidence and Self Improvement is Great!

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I've maintained for almost a decade that my thirties have been my best years, but you know what?  As I head into my forties, I think I might change my mind.  I think my forties just might be my best decade.  I'm finding that as get older I feel better.  As each year piles on,  I'm gaining experience, confidence, self improvement, better resilience and more focused assertiveness.  I'm LOVING it.

It seems that I'm not alone.  Wakefield Research conducted a  survey for Post Great Grains Cereal and found that a whooping 80% of women love themselves more than they did 10 years ago, and 86% of women agreed that mistakes that led to failures were worth the learning experience.  So, even if we aren't perfect {duh}, the experience helps to make us better.

Motherhood has Helped to Make me Great!


Certainly, motherhood has helped to build my confidence.  Oh boy have I made mistakes and continue to do so, but each day I grow stronger in my role, and better, and that makes me feel great, even if I do have some off days.

I've also gotten pretty great at realizing that it doesn't really matter what other people think of me.  What really truly matters is whether I know that I have self worth.  That's big.  It took a lot of years to come to the realization, but it's life changing.

I'm also pretty darn fabulous at recognizing that for the most part, people treat you the way you allow them to.  That goes with children and pets as well as adults.  So, whenever I get talked to in a way that isn't appropriate, or treated in a way that I just plain don't like I have the ability to see that I have a role to play in the exchange.

Post Great Grains is Great!

Great Grains has nutrition you can see!  Post Great Grains Cereal brings whole foods from the field to your bowl for a nutritious breakfast that is great! Rather than grinding their wheat into flour and then stamping it into flakes, Great Grains cracks or steams the whole wheat berry, which helps to lock in full flavor and nutrients.  I like that all eight of the Great Grains varieties have at least 30g of whole grains per serving and are a heart healthy way to start the day.

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I'd love to know. What Makes You Great?

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