Everyone asks me about Jacob and John’s personality differences. Their temperaments are quite similar though, and until recently there were alot more similarities than differences. Here’s a few new developments though:
*Jacob is our more aggressive twin when it comes to toys and food and basically anything he wants. As you know from a previous post, he’s also our selective biter.
*John is hands down our cuddle bug. He loves to give hugs and kisses on demand.
*John is our fit thrower. And this is very recent. If he really wants something and things don’t go his way he lays down and thrashes around for a bit before going on to his regular business. His temper is sparked more quickly than Jacobs. John also cry’s the loudest right off the bat when he is mad.
*Jacob is our messy eater. You’d be amazed at their different appearance after eating the same meal.
*John uses more words and sounds than Jacob and knows how to find an on/off switch on an electronic device quicker than you’d believe possible.
*Overall, Jacob gets into more mischief than John.
*Both are just plain FUN!

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