Cold’s Abound In These Parts. Unfortunately.

I’ve been patting myself on the back all winter (almost literally).

This has been the first winter where we’ve gone for almost the whole season as a family without something going around. Whether it’s a cold, the flu, a nasty virus, or even a bacterial infection, we always “catch” something, and it always takes a few weeks to work it’s way through everyone.

Totally inconvenient, if you know what I mean.  🙂

I should not have been so self congratulatory, however.

We’ve caught something, and it’s necessitated the first (and hopefully last) drug store run of the season.

Fever?  Check. {Ibuprofen}

Cough?    Check.  Check. {Those nasty coughs are being covered both orally and topically with Vick’s and Delsym!}

Wishing you all a HEALTHY, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Disclosure:  I think it’s provident that my role as a member of Vick’s VapoRub Blogger Brigade lends itself to this post, don’t you?

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  1. Get better soon!!!! Nothing says Valentine’s Day love like fevers and coughs!

  2. sending you healthy vibes!

  3. I hope the colds are short lived!

  4. Oh no. I’ve lost count here. You had a good run! Get well soon.

  5. hope you all feel better soon-we just started on another round of colds-moving quickly from one child to another!

  6. Run to the drug store???? Don’t you have a guy that can just bring that stuff home with him? LOL.

    We’re STILL sick. Ella has bronchitis now and Zeke has a cold. Mind you, they already had the flu 3 weeks ago. I feel like I’ve been in my house for a month solid. Inconvenient? Totally. Ella went to church today wearing a surgical mask. The Doctor said she’d be contagious for 10 DAYS(even though she feels fine, just has a little cough)! I couldn’t stand it anymore.

    Hope you all get better QUICKLY.

  7. We’ve been hacking up our lungs for about two weeks now. Hope this crud flies through your house quickly. And, oh, how I love the smell of Vick’s!

  8. Hope everyone gets better soon, nothing more romantic than sharing a house full of germs!
    Maybe you can have chicken noodle soup by candlelight.

  9. Oh No!! Hope you are all better soon.

    I thought of you last night as I applied vicks vapor rub to the bottom of my girls feet before bed 🙂

  10. we’ve had a very similar v-day ’round our parts. 🙂

    me and the toddler of the house spent the better part of the day cozied up on the couch together.

    hope we ALL get well soon. hurry, spring, hurry!

  11. I hope you all feel better soon.