Christmas Tree Tips.

Tips for making your Christmas Tree decorating day a success:

1. Don’t take someone’s word for it that the base of the tree is cut evenly. Check yourself.

2. If your tree takes 2 hours to get to stand up straight and then it still begins to lean, do not proceed. Take Tree out to stand and cut the base level.

3. If you did happen to already decorate it, and then it falls, don’t dispair. It can be fixed.

4. Just take every blasted ornament off the tree, and remove the lights. Take the tree out of the stand, clean up the spilled water. Re-level the base. AND START OVER.

5. Once your tree is level, stable, decorated and in it’s splendor, keep your kids away from it.

6. I’m convinced trees DO not like to be redecorated no less than 51.5 times a day.

And now you know why I’m a humbug.
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  1. Yikes, sounds like you had more than your fair share of trouble with your tree this year. Would you kill me if I said it was beautiful and it was worth all the trouble?

    Thanks for sharing your tree with us!!

  2. I think it looks awesome, but it sounds like a major ordeal so far. Your life is always full of surprises, that’s for sure! And you have presents under there? And your kids are going bananas?

  3. Ha! It does look beautiful though. I can’t keep a real tree alive long enough to see Christmas so I stick to the fake kind.

  4. Are You Serious! says

    Very funny… My kids would have those presents opened already… 🙂

  5. Jeremiah R. Jones says

    That has got to be one of my favorite posts EVER!

    Love the dry humor.

  6. OH no! I’d be like that too. I cannot seem to get into the Christmas Spirit this year. I did decide not to put up our 9 ft tree and went with a 32 inch one instead. I did not want to spend my days keeping the boys away from it.

  7. Crazymamaof6 says

    oh my gosh! huge bummer!that totally ROTS! but I’m sure it smells lovely!there’s nothing quite like the smell of a real tree. candles just don’t cut it.

  8. I am just dying for you! We have had the Christmas tree trama too (never that bad) and finally we bought the swivle stand. It’s amazing, you can have a completely crooked Christmas tree with no hope and you can make it “look” straight! It saved many arguments and frustrations. Although… we were humbugs this year and bought a prelite tree from Costco for the first time! I hope you survive all this!

  9. Casey's trio says

    Thanks for the tips….weather permitting we will be getting out tree this weekend. Pretty sure we will have the super yard around ours though. I also noticed the presents under your tree…how many times have you had to re-wrap those???? 51.5 times a day— right after re-decorating the tree?

  10. I would say: meriah bangeeeeeeeeeett….
    I don’t know the words in English!!
    It’s just beautiful,with all the decoration all over it…

  11. oh, it look great! i love your blog makeover! it looks great!sometimes i think about having a forth child….i always wonder if it will be twins. Who’s counting, right?

  12. Oh, yeah. We’ve had this happen before, too. Two years ago was the worst! We had a beautiful tree, full of lights and our special ornaments. It came crashing down around 12:30 AM – scared us to death, soaked the presents, and broke some special ornaments. We bought a prelit from Sams last year – it’s wonderful!

  13. The tree looks great! You are much more patient than me. I would just use a couch to prop up the tree. wink.wink.

  14. My name is Tammie says

    Hence my 3 foot plug in fakie. Brave brave woman you are.

  15. Well my tree isn’t decorated yet because I don’t know what to do about keeping my dog away from it. He has a way of chewing on things when we leave him home alone. I am thinking of getting a kennel for him while we are away for a short time.

    As for the decorating the tree again, I know what that is like too. Last year after two days the tree was totally dead. I made them take it back but first I had to take off all the ornaments, lights and that ment all the needles fell off too. Then pick out a new tree bring it home and put the lights on it and decorate all over again. I think I too am becoming a bah-hum-bug…

  16. I take it you had a REALLY fun time with your chirstmas tree this year!?You get all the fun stuff.:)
    Merry Christmas! WE are going to put ours up soon. wish us luck

  17. Since I’m a first time mom here, it cracks me up to hear other people talk about things I think I’ve discovered myself – or things I didn’t realize happen to everyone. Falling trees, missing ornaments, splashing in the water bowl – dunking dollies. LOL 🙂

  18. carrie & troy keiser says

    Ummmmmmm, would it safe to assume that it was a bad day?! 🙂 The tree is beautiful.

  19. This just makes me even happier with my prelit tree that I bought this year! I just pulled in out of the box, plugged in it, threw on some ornaments and we had christmas tree splendor minus all the headache! Sorry it was such a fiasco. I would be a little humbuggy after that too! Sure is lovely though!

  20. O, Christmas tree, o Christmas tree! The hub of all the family gatherings at Christmas. We have had our share of disasters with this Holiday icon. One year the entire thing did crash to the ground in full regalia for no apparent reason…your #2 is indeed good advice!