Childhood Treasure #5

I know that these “childhood treasures” of mine are not interesting to many of you, but since this *is* a journal of sorts, I’m throwing this out there.

I was so excited to find this story that I don’t recall ever seeing before. I wrote it before my mom died, so I must have been almost 8. I vividly remember sitting in our office plucking at the keys feeling so grown up, although until now I couldn’t tell you what I wrote. So, the exciting part about finding this story is that it completes the memory. It almost makes me want to find an old type writer to let my kids type with…….there is something about trying to get the words just right so that the whole paper isn’t covered in white-out that my children will never understand using a word processor.

The original paper is yellowed, it’s covered with splotches of white-out, the centering is not perfect, but here is the story as it appears originally:


Once upon a time there was a man and a woman/
The man war a mask over his fase like a moon
the woman war a mask over her fase and it
looked like a sun.
The man and the woman lived in a desert.
Not far from the desert.
was the city in city was a lake
in the lake was a fish man.
And he asked the man if he would
make a lake for hisself and the man
said that he would and he did and
the fish man was so he decided to invited
all of the fish in the old lake the fish man
asked the man if he could invit his good
friend’s and the man said yes so he
did and the fish man
invited so meny.
do you wote to no how meny?
he invited 10 loads and the sun and the moon werr so srpized that thay jummped up
and they went up into the air and that is how the
sun and the moon got in the sky
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  1. The Jensens says

    This is cute. I’m impressed you wrote it when you were only 7!

  2. Utterly adorable.

  3. Crazymamaof6 says

    totally CUTE! way to go on that!

    along these lines, this summer i’m making my kids do creative writing on their blogs with a weekly topic. it should be fun to see what they write.

  4. Motherhood for Dummies says

    so cute and fun that you still have it

  5. Okay, that’s too cute. I’m finally posting the Meme…hopefully today. My old URL still works (, as of now. 🙂

  6. That is wonderful – lucky you saved it.

  7. Good & Crazy says

    Oh my heck, it’s like a little MEME!? Everyone can share a memory from childhood. A treasure?! I’m kidding. Sorry.

    And 8 when your mom died? I’m sorry, that’s tough.

    Cool that you even still have the weathered paper, your kids must get a kick out of it!

  8. I am amazed at how many cool things you have found. Inspires me to keep my kids stuff. I finally made Lindsey a blog. Let’s get her and Grace hooked up now 🙂 Should I send the invite to you email?

  9. Cecily R says

    I love that you kept your spelling and spacing. That IS a treasure!

    Ilove that you said you could complete the memory.

    When I think about playing with my parents’ type writer I can almost smell the typewriter ribbon.

  10. That’s pretty cool. I was brought up with the type writer and the white out. Good old days.

  11. What a treasure to find! I love that you wrote it exactly how you found it with the mispelled words and all. I think your kids will also enjoy it when they are older.

  12. girlytwins says

    This is a true treasure. How sweet and imaginative of you. I love your childhood treasures. You had such a way with words even at 7 years old.

  13. Gunnisac Sandersons says

    Angie, that is priceless! I can just see this little red headed girl plucking away on an old type writter. How adorable, and I must say a very good story!

  14. I love it! I am a big fan of your writing. I can see Lily giving me that same type of story. I hope she turns out to write like you do. Thanks for Sharing.

  15. That’s awesome. I love finding old things like that.

  16. Wow, I’m so impressed. You wrote that at such a young age. I’m so sorry that you lost your mum so young, that must be so hard.

    I love that you re-typed it, spelling errors and all. Thank you for sharing.

  17. Wonderful! I love how the minds of children work. I just found a packet of poetry from Jack the other day and I melted. It is so sweet and naive and creative!

  18. andrea j says

    Oh yes those were the days. So glad we have computers now! What a great memory. I love that story. I bet you had lots of friends growing up 🙂

  19. Where did you find that? That’s awesome it survived, and now you have proof that you are a born writer!

  20. Casey's trio says

    I think it is awesome that you found all of your treasures from childhood…so funny to look back on it now!

  21. what a great imaginaton you had! now I know why we have sun and moon… 😉

  22. You are so sweet sharing with us your childhood talents…..Lucky you saved it!


  23. carrie & troy keiser says

    I like your childhood treasure posts! Enjoyed your story! Thanks for sharing.
    I know what you mean about our kids never going to experience the joys of typing on a typewriter and using white-out! They get spell check and way cool things we never dreamed of having.