One of the coolest places I’ve ever gone swimming was here. This particular cenote or swim hole is located near the Chichen Itza ruins and the dunk was refreshing after sweltering in enjoying the jungle.

This cenote also boasts some of the dumbest humans I’ve ever encountered. Ever.

Here I am (I call those bad boys my weight lifter arms and I blame them on the twins. Or is it the light? seriously funky addition) waiting to jump in. No one can accuse me of only posting flattering photos. Anyway. Back to the story. Everyone has to jump a minimum of 5 feet into the water from one side of the cenote. The problem here is that some fool decided to float on her back towards where everyone jumps in. That’s why I look so grumpy happy. How dare she make me wait to jump? I reserve that face for a very select few.

Here I was ready to grab one of these ladder hogs pictured, and, I don’t know. Kick them. I kid you not. They were just hanging out. With absolutely no shallow areas to rest this is about the most inconsiderate thing one can do. By the time I got out and had to walk back up through the cave I was one tuckered out girl. I realize now I was one of the dumb ones. I didn’t think to float on my back while I was waiting an eternity to get out, I just treaded water like my little life depended on. Wait. I guess it did.
Thanks for humoring me while I’ve had a very thorough vacation brag fest. I’ve enjoyed them, but real life calls, and I can’t wait to regale you all with my regular monotony.

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  1. Mama's Losin' It says

    You mean you actually JUMPED in!?! I would never…

    But what a serene and beautiful place to swim…if only all the people would go away.

  2. Ooooh!! I’m first I’m first I’m first!!!!

    I totally love all the vacation pictures, and yes, I’m totally jealous! Not only of the vacation, but of being child-free. For a week. A. Whole. Week.

    I’d go to Alaska and live in an iceberg – in my bathing suit – for an opportunity like that! lol

    I wanted to stop by and thank you for your support. I love it when my friends will hate someone simply because I do.

    That’s so sweet.

    I may just send that letter to Stupid Lazy Lifeguard.

    Wouldn’t THAT feel good? lol

  3. Oh noooooo! Kat beat me!!

  4. I would have jumped! The water looks so inviting. Too bad all the other people don’t. Loving all these vaca pictures. I’m still trying to save my pennies so I can go someday.


  5. Threeundertwo says

    Oh that looks fun! Except for the treading water part. It’s so beautiful.

  6. That is a beautiful swimming hole – WOW! We’ve been to Mexico many times and yet we’ve never done the tour to Chichen Itza – one day we will!

    Nice to see you Angie – take care – Kellan

    BTW – I started a new blog (htt://kellan-ontheflipside.blogspot.com) and I am planning on writing some on issues of twins. I’d love to hear your point of view when I publish those posts.

    See ya – Kellan

  7. Looks gorgeous, except for the crowds. Swimming holes here get like that too – you could practically walk across without getting wet just by stepping on the bodies!

  8. Mekhismom says

    It looks beautiful and refreshing after the heat. You really are making me envious now. Thank you for sharing your vacation with us.

  9. Wow! Great pictures; I am so jealous.

    P.S. Thanks for your help with the rules.

  10. Simply breathtaking!!! I think this place will be on our list of things we could do for our 15th anniversary.

  11. Veggie Mom says

    OK, Angie, I’m still SERIOUSLY jealous! But glad you had a good time, gal! OK, down to the serious stuff–You’re a Winner! Yup, you won the latest Great Pop’rs Giveaway! I’ll get be in touch–congratulations!!

  12. So beautiful. I’m really sorry everyone was such a drag. Imagine how cool it would’ve been had it just been you and your hubby.

  13. Wow that is gorgeous! I am really jealous now. Seriously, stop.

  14. Makes me want to go there now. So pretty and looks like a fun place for a swim. Did Jeff go in?

  15. Stephanie says

    This place looks amazing, stupid people and all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. GoteeMan says

    Wow! That is a gorgeous place…. and yeah, remind me not to TICK YOU OFF! I’ve seen a look like that before… the “if looks could kill…” look. Anyway, what an awesome experience.


  17. Oh man, I’m so counting the days (which is interesting since I’m not sure WHEN we’re going). I love the pouty picture! I would be doing the same thing.

    And I sure as heck wouldn’t have the nerve to jump….keep the pictures coming…I’m loving every minute of them.

  18. jenni anne says

    i don;t want you to go back to regular life! i have loved all the photos and bragging!!

  19. I don’t think i would have the guts to jump, but Im loving your blog, I feel like i get to go on a nice vacation everytime I come over!

  20. the schirano triplets says

    oooh, that is a gorgeous location! i love the pouty picture…too funny! actually, the whole post was…well…genius 🙂

  21. I’m glad that you have been dragging out the vacation. I think it is so fun. This place is beautiful, but you are one brave chica to get in. I can be a wimp about those types of things. Way to go!

  22. Wow! That looks amazing! I would love to swim there!!

    And I would’ve kicked those people, too!

  23. Wow, what an amazing vacation! Those kinds of swimming spots are a dream come true. We found some in the Philippines similar to that. It must have been so hard to leave. Keep posting more, they’re beautiful!

  24. Hey, I’ve been there. Isn’t that the hole where the Mayans used to throw their dead sacrifices? Did you climb the sweaty stairs inside the pryamid? Yeah…I did too…

  25. Laurie M. says

    You are very brave. I don’t think I’d actually jump. Looks like a great vacation for you two!

  26. Jennifer P. says

    Just read to the bottom and have to say: thanks for taking me on vacation with you :)! I’ve seen so much more of the world since I started blogging! That looks like a simply amazing vacation. And you are one brave woman for doing it!!!

    Also wanted to thank you for the prayers and well wishes on my behalf. I truly feel their strength and protection.

    Hoping you have a GREAT week!

  27. Kiki and Lele says

    loving the pictues of the vacation, keep the coming… maybe i will go on one… yeah right?

  28. I just happened upon your blog and love it. What beautiful pics! I don’t think I would be able to make the jump, even at 5ft.

  29. We’ve been to the ruins, but didn’t go swimming. Good for you! Great pictures, especially the first.

  30. What great pictures! I don’t know if I would have immediately had the guts to jump, but if I would have thought about it and watched 199 other people do it and survive, maybe! 🙂

  31. How fun…it would be a whole lot better if you two got the cenote to yourselves.

  32. Stephanie says

    OH….I’ve been there and now want to go back! Cenote swimming is amazing. The water is unbelievable. We’ve done some incredible snorkeling in the Yucatan cenotes!

    Love the “look” and I would have freaked if I couldn’t get to the ladder when I wanted to!

  33. Maternal Mirth says

    You honestly must have the biggest cajones on a mom out there!!!

    Wow … that jump makes my butt clench just thinking about it!

  34. Sounds and looks like you had a great vacation. Cenote looks really cool..too bad the crowd wasn’t.

  35. Oh absolutely not. Things improved thank you.

    That water hole is so cool. I have jumped off a cliff before but not into something that cool. GO YOU!

  36. Migraine Mom says

    That looks oh so awesome! I am definitely jealous! Thanks for stopping by my corner of the blogosphere!

  37. Casey's trio says

    I’m giggling over here…you look like you are about 12 in your pouting picture. Wonder if you see that look often in your house so you still know how to do it?? J/K.
    You should have just started screaming like a wild banshee waving your hands all crazy in the air. I’m sure the crowds would have parted for the loco red head:)
    But those first 2 pictures are absolutely breathtaking. SO beautiful.

  38. Wow, that is beautiful. I can’t believe you swam there, so lucky… I am jealous. lol.

  39. Blissful Nikki says

    wow! your way more brave than I ever will be! I would never have jumped in there! I give you a pat on the back just for that alone! 🙂

  40. Perez Family Spot says

    Okay, now I am seriously considering cancelling our Disney vacation after seeing how much fun ya’ll had!! Who needs Disney, when I can have that much fun? BTW, I will trade my arms for yours any day, girl, what are you talking about? You and hubby look great together. Nice pics. Fun vacation. Officially jealous.

  41. it look so deep, i wouldn’t dare swimming in there.
    angie, i repiled your comment to the email address jageless.. to long to reply it on blog.
    thanks anyway.

  42. girlytwins says

    Amazing! I have put your vacation on the top of my vacation getaway lists.
    I have loved all the bragging photos. Specially the pouting picture. Too funny. I bet it was hard to get back to reality.

  43. Your pouting pic made me laugh OUT loud! I totally would have looked the same way, right down to the arms, (although I don’t have any twins to blame for them.)
    Being mad at someone for doing something you didn’t realize was actually a good idea until after the fact? totally something I would do.
    You have all of the bragging rights you need-I have enjoyed all of these stories tremendously.
    You really captured your vacation well.
    Oh, and you and your husband are like the PERFECT couple btw!

  44. Gunnisac Sandersons says

    Looks fun Ang!

  45. That place is beautiful. Too bad the people were dumb.
    We met dumb people in Jamaica, too.

  46. Kerith Collins says

    that looks so awesome!!!

  47. les_mason_curt says

    the comment you left me was too funny…. i think some people really recycle that stuff- REALLY! I am waiting on someone to tell me that they cut back on toilet paper.. FUNNY!

  48. WheresMyAngels says

    You need to add some more pictures. That is way too beautiful, course I can’t swim so I would never visit it.

  49. tinabean1988 says

    That is beautiful and looks really refreshing.
    I'm scared to death of water that is deep & I can't see the bottom so I would have enjoyed it from the side lines.
    Cudos to you for going in.
    It sounds like you had a ton of fun on your vacation.

  50. Trooper Thorn says

    Perfect location for a scene in a movie where the lead actor and actress, who hate each other, realize they really love each other. They embrace at the edge before plunging entwined into the cool water. Soaring soundtrack plays over top, but their encounter is cut short when all the idiot locals show up and start hogging the jumping and climbing apparatus.

    Of course the production company would spend $17 million to build it on a back lot in Burbank.

    Thanks for your comments on Mom Insulting Text Messages.

  51. Jeremiah R. Jones says

    Holy carp, Angie! So many comments since your SITS nod…

    Oh, yeah–the post. Ha ha ha. Weight lifter arms. Ha.

  52. Zen Ventures says

    It just look fracking funny that everyone looked like frantic scaredy cats trying to get out of the water! That pool looks awesome though! Hail to the fools! u did have fun tho besides that frown on ur face 🙂

  53. sassy stephanie says

    How incredibly cool is that? I would have to jump a few times.

  54. Carrie and Troy Keiser says

    That is beautiful! Only 5 feet? I could do it! I once jumped off a 30 ft cliff into a lake {we won’t talk about HOW long it took me to do it….. but I DID jump and survive to tell the tale!}

  55. Churchill says

    That looks beautiful. Now wonder it is so crowded!

  56. my Girl came home from her mission trip to Mexico talking about these lakes.

    Wonder if she was the ‘lady’ floating the wrong way? Not impossible.

  57. Are You Serious! says

    ♡ Pretty typical there has to always be those few to cause trouble. Beautiful pictures though!

  58. You know I love and have requested your vacation posts! You are so funny about your arms. You look amazing. I especially like the stories behind the pictures. Nothing is perfect completely with the world full of idiots… ha ha.

  59. Gorgeous and totally hysterical. That little swimming hole would have been far more enjoyable if it were a bit more private!

  60. It looks beautiful. That area was very cool, though I didn’t get to swim there.

  61. seriously beautiful, but way too many people. sort of ruins it. it’s a place you’d like to go skinny dipping with just your honey.