A “Twisted Good Deal”…

I’ve been a “Twisted Insider” for over a year now, and LOVING it. I get access to Twisted Silver pieces that haven’t been launched and get to give you feedback about what I think of the design.  And, I get to share the “inside scoop” on Flash Sales and promotions they are having. For the […]

Twisted Silver Launches “TIME” Necklace and Earrings!

Twisted Silver launched the newest pieces to their collection last week.  Aptly dubbed “Time”, the necklace and earrings are perfect for the season, plus they are completely unique.  I really, really love them, especially the necklace.  The length is perfect and the elements all work together to make it both bold and a bit feminine. […]

Geometry Earrings Arrived Yesterday!

Don’t forget to enter my $120 Twisted Silver Giveaway! Ends at midnight tonight. If you like geometric shapes on your ears then these earrings are going to be right up your alley.  Even if you don’t, (like geometric shapes on your ears that is) these earrings will most likely be a hit with you.  Made […]

Twisted Silver Launches The CORK Bracelet Today!

Twisted Silver is launching the newest piece to the Renegade Line today.  It’s called The Cork Bracelet and it’s surprisingly lightweight, comfortable and eco-friendly!  Made with sustainable cork, it’s unusual, playful, unbalanced and comfortable to wear for work or play. I wore mine to Bloggy Boot Camp in San Diego in March, and I was […]

Twisted Silver’s Tokyo Bracelet Launches Today!

Twisted Silver is launching the newest bracelet in the Renegade Line today.  Named the Tokyo Bracelet, it’s made of blackened brass and is sure to be a crowd pleaser!     I like the following things about the bracelet: The bangle is oval, so it’s super comfortable on the wrist. It’s very chic, with smooth, […]

Twisted (Silver, that is) Times TWO…

While I was busy letting the summer was pass me by, Twisted Silver launched two new necklaces that you should know about!  🙂 First up is the Element Necklace. Retailing for $80.00, it’s the new “IT” necklace in my house. The Element necklace is so much more fabulous in person than the pictures illustrate, probably […]

Twisted Silver Butterfly Bracelet- A Review

This week Twisted Silver introduced the Butterfly Cuff which just may be the biggest show stopper they’ve ever produced.  It retails for $50.00 and looks like more! I can’t tell you how much I love the Butterfly Cuff.  The butterfly on the hammered brass cuff is hand torched so each piece is slightly different and […]

My Love Affair with Twisted Silver Continues…

My heart just about stopped beating when my Brick Bracelet in the new Renegade Line by Twisted Silver arrived in the mail. Twisted Silver sent me the bracelet in anticipation of it’s launch on Tuesday, March 16th, at which time the bracelet will be available for purchase for a $80.00. The three tiers of goodness […]

Twisted Silver Glacier Earrings

Twisted Silver designers liked these earrings so much they redesigned them for the 2009 Winter Season.  Retailing for $40.00, they are a wonderful finishing touch for your outfit whether it’s fancy or casual.  I personally love how the earrings look paired with jeans, boots and a solid colored sweater. The Glacier earrings feature Swarovski crystals […]

Hip Hop Bling

I have my social calendar handy. You know, in case you’ve neglected to invite me to your holiday shin-dig. I have the perfect earrings, and I plan on wearing them A LOT this holiday season. BUT, I kind of need some invitations.  Don’t worry.  The invitations need not be formal.  I’m easy that way.  Just […]