Busy Bee’s

I bet some of you are wondering if I was productive today while Garrett was at school. Let’s just say we were ALL productive. I cleaned, painted and organized my storage area under my stairs. I even cut a carpet remnant to cover the linoleum floor. I also touched up the paint in Garrett’s room.

Jacob got into Garrett’s room and touched the paint and then wiped it all over his shirt. When he was done with that he wiped his hands on Garrett’s bedspread. In the meantime, John was busy taking his diaper off, again and again and again……and he still wasn’t done.

I wanted to get pictures of my handy work………and Jacob’s too. But, I can’t because the twins threw my camera battery down the central vacuum shoot never to be seen again.

And did I mention that while I was rushing Emma from ballet to another activity I totally scraped up my car?

Were we productive? Oh yeh! Proof that some days you should just stay in bed.

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  1. Casey's trio says

    Uh oh…one of those days. It sounds like you did get alot done, but then so did the twinnies!

  2. Oh no… I am so sorry for you. Honestly your blog is sounding very similar to mine about a year ago. Some days are just plain terrible! Remember the day after I bought my Rebel and it was dropped and broke the lens??? I really feel for you! Sorry about your car, and your camera battery too! UGH!

  3. That’ll teach you to paint/carpet in obscure places!!!
    Can’t you go out to the garage and empty out your central vac tank to find the battery? Those things aren’t cheap!

  4. Kristin,
    The suction is strong enough to carry the battery from the office to the garage. SO, I think it’s lodged in the pipe where I can’t get to it.

    I SO remember last year with your twins, but it still didn’t properly prepare me for THIS! 🙂

  5. Sounds like a rough day at the Lee home. Hope tomorrow is better…As for the car, now that the car has a scratch in it you don’t have to worry about it so much. Once the initial dent/scratch has taken place it’s no longer a “new car” and you can relax.

  6. ouch! That reakky stinks about the car.. a little hard to just wipe up huh? congrats on the rest of the day. To have gotten all that done under duress with your little “helpers” is commendable.

  7. I really do know how to spell. I think lately I just try to type so fast to get to the next thing before I am needed again that my spellchecking is a blur.:)

  8. Maybe you could try to vacuum up some other pretty big stuff and smack that battery on out! Just kidding of course. And just know that 9 out of 10 days I could probably stay in bed and be just as happy!

  9. oh No…..sounds like a crazy day…and lots of fun to clean up!! You do so much!!

  10. You’re amazing! You got a lot accomplished in that short time frame. Sorry to hear about the rest of the story. My boys are just beginning to crawl – I have so much in store for me don’t I?

  11. LOL Angie! I did a search on my blog the other day and was laughing at all my twins mishaps (not so funny at the time). Prepare yourself now, trouble ahead!