Breaking the Cycle: Creating a Better and Smarter Planet

When I was in 4th grade I recycled aluminum cans for the first time.  I collected cans from my own home and from my neighbors and from friends and family.  I remember taking huge black bags of smashed cans in to the recycling center and walking out with coins clinking in my pockets.

All of my efforts to recycle as a child were motivated solely by a desire to make a few extra dollars.  The thought never crossed my mind that it might be a nice idea to recycle aluminum cans because it would be a good way to help do my part in creating a smarter life and better planet.  Environment concerns were not something that played a roll in my childhood in thought or deed.

I’m trying to break that cycle with my children.

I think I might cry if I thought that making an effort to preserve our earth wasn’t something that my children both thought about and made efforts to do.  I’ve tried to teach them by action and example that it’s easy to do simple things that can make big changes like recycling, conserving energy and using natural resources. One of the first things I’ve taught my children is the most intuitive, I think.  It’s to use the natural resources around us, and by use natural resources, I mean I’ve taught them to play outside.  From the time they were itty bitty I’ve taken them outside to play and tried to foster in them a love of outdoor play.  I remember being told to go outside to play as a child, and I wanted that for my children to.  There is something that is so natural about being able to go outside and be able to enjoy climbing trees and exploring shrubs and finding bugs and splashing in puddles that just smart.Secondly, I’ve taught them to recycle.  We have a recycle box in the kitchen that we use constantly.  When the recycle box gets full, we empty it outside in the big recycle bin that gets picked up and dumped each week.  The kids know what items are recyclable and which are not and this is something that’s second nature to them, something which was not to me and that makes them smarter, righter? Thirdly, all of the appliances in our home are energy efficient and I’m teaching my kids how to use them.  My oldest is learning how to do laundry, and the younger kids all have to help unload the dishwasher.

There’s so much more we can do, but for now, we’re trying our best to make smart decisions for a better place to live.  I think I am creating a better and smarter planet for my family.  I’ll keep you updated.  {smiling}  

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