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The Internet is a wonderful source of information on just about every topic, but have you ever searched health topics?  The search results that come up can be downright scary because all the information contained online  isn’t provided by health care professionals.   You might have a question about snoring and find an answer about  a remedy that isn’t proven effective at all because it was uploaded by someone who experimented with the method on their dog!  {smiling}


That’s why I was thrilled when I was introduced to Blue Shield of CA’s dynamic Duo, Dr. Jim and his sidekick Bob!  They scour the internet looking for people with common health problems that may be embarrasing to talk about and then address the issues in funny and informative short videos. 

Dr. Jim and Bob’s Fun & Helpful Health Advice

Dr. Jim and Bob make giving helpful health advice fun.  It’s amazing how two talking heads can have such a rapor with each other and be so entertaining and informative at the same time.  Don’t believe me?  Then just watch my two favorite videos.  The first one is on one of the topics most near and dear to my heart.  BM’s.  {{snickering}}  Seriously though, nothing makes me laugh more than inappropriate talk of BM’s, because really, when is it appropriate?  This video had me dying.


The second video is about hiccups.  My kids are constantly asking me how to get rid of their hiccups, and wondering how they got them.  Now they don’t have to listen to me, they can listen to Dr. Jim and Bob and be a whole lot more entertained and informed than listening to my schpiel for the hunderth time!  {{they don’t listen to me, clearly}}


More About Blue Shield

  • They are a non-profit company
  • They offer easy acess to to alternative care {like chiropractors and acupucture}
  • They offer easy access to great doctors
  • They offer a wide range of affordable health plans

I highly recommend viewing Dr. Jim and Bob’s videos on a wide variety of health topics, and checking out Blue Shield of CA.  Their extra benefits like video advice, their wide range of health plans and alternative care make them a nice company to explore.

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  1. kallen dowdle says

    The constipation video is HILARIOUS!!!!

  2. Cathy LaPearle says

    I’ll have to watch the videos and check out the site!