Blog Etiquette/Tips and How you know me….

I think it’s time for a little blog etiquette tutorial, and a plea. But I’ll get t that plea in a moment. Back to the blogtiquette tutorial. I’m not posting this because you need it, but because I’ve had quite a few questions lately from new bloggers. Are you Serious just posted about this, and so did Tip Junkie. Check out their sites for more tips.

If you have a blog, or are wanting to start one, here are my blogtiquettes (I’m not sure who coined that phrase, but I like it).

1. Most blog authors love to know who is visiting their blog. We all know that many people don’t have the time or inclination to stop and comment on each post, however, try to take the time at least once to stop by and introduce yourself. I have a few regular lurkers that I’d kill to get to know. Without naming names (since I don’t know them! ha), I believe my longest standing regular lurkers are from London and Florida.

2. When you do comment, try not to do it anonymously. Everyone likes to know to whom the words should be credited. Plus, it’s been my experience that most blog “attackers” do it anonymously. Wonder why? That’s another one. If you don’t agree with something on someone’s blog, try to be diplomatic about it and think before you spout. Or don’t say anything at all if it is hurtful. Remember that once your words are out there, they are permanent unless you or the blog author deletes them.

3. If someone takes the time to comment on your blog for the first time, take the time to visit their blog and let them you know you appreciate the time they took to visit yours. This is such a great way to meet new blog friends.

4. Keep it simple and try your hardest not to run on and on in the same sentence or paragraph.

5. Give credit where credit is due. For example, if you like an idea that you found on another blog and want to use it on your blog, link back to them with a hyperlink and let your readers know where you got the idea.

6. Many bloggers use some sort of traffic tracking site like site meter or site counter or google analytics to get an idea of who is visiting their site, where they are coming from, and how long they stay. This is another great tool for finding out interesting stats on your blog, but also for finding other bloggers that have linked to you. Just today I found a new blogger this way, and I was so excited to see that I’m actually on her blogroll! Thanks, Lit and Laundry!

7. Try using a site like bloglines or google reader to track the blogs you frequent. I have been using bloglines for some time and it eliminates the need to endlessly check in on blogs you like since it tells you which blogs have new entries that you subscribe to. Hum, I think that’s a run-on sentence.

8. Lastly, every blog has an owner, and most authors put the things on their blog that are of interest or important to them in some way. Be respectful of that.

Now, for my plea. Please take a moment and tell me how you know me. I know most of my blogger pals and know how they know me, but I’ve had so many instances where someone has read my comments and ask, “now who is this, or who is that?” because they don’t know in what context to take the comment, or just want to know how the relationship began. Plus, there are at least a handful of bloggers that found me, and I would LOVE to know how they did so. AND, what it is about my blog that made them want to subscribe to my blog and keep coming back? Come on, it’s not asking too much, is it?

About Angie

Angie is a CRAFT dabbling, recipe making, WORD loving, sunshine hording, book DEVOURING, Mama to a lot! She's kind of in love with Instagram right now, so if you want her attention, go find here there. {smiling}


  1. the schirano triplets says

    hey there! i have no idea how i found your blog, but i have been stopping by off and on for a while now. i have no idea if i have commented before but i know i haven’t done so recently. i have a 12 year old daughter and triplets who are 10 months old (2 girls and a boy). they were born at 29 weeks, 2 days due to complications from ttts b/w the girls. anyway, i put your blog into google reader and keep reading because i like what you have to say!

  2. Oh this is fun! Great guidelines too, I wish I had read them when I started getting serious about blogging a couple few months ago!!

    Sigh. I remember the first day we met. It was raining outside, the kids were napping, and I was snuggled up in a blanket.

    You were posting pictures of your new haircut and talking about how vain you are. 😉

    I was browsing blogs when I found one that posted “monoamniotic twins” as a an interest. I had never heard of that before so I clicked on it to view other blogs who had put that as an interest as well. I wanted to learn about what that was.

    And that’s when I found you. Dazzled by your charm…and the fact that you manage FIVE kids and look fantastic! You’re my kind of lady. When people comment back to me I continue to go to their blog. And you did. So I kept reading until I was finally hooked and gave you your own special spot on my blog roll.

    Most of the people on my blog roll are people I identify with in some way or I could see myself being friends with, but I’ve usually been reading their blog for awhile before they are given that elite position on my blog. 🙂

    Boy, was this long enough??? Sorry about that!


  3. Jeremiah R. Jones says

    I’d like to think that we knew each other in the pre-existence, and you made me promise to find you and share the truth about…

    Macs! Yes, it’s true, Angie. You can become one of us. Buy a Mac and become familiar with our user friendly ways.


    Seriously, though–how specific do we need to be with our responses? Is this supposed to be a deep question? Do I reeeeealllly know you? I don’t remember the first time we met, but it probably had something to do with church. I might have been there to help you guys move in, but I don’t recall.

  4. I first came upon your blog when you posted your hair pictures. I think. I think I linked to you from The Heiner Clan blog because I loved the name of yours and of course I’ve been a lover of your blog ever since 🙂

  5. Well I don’t comment enough, but I hope you still remember who I am. Like it or not we are family so you can’t get rid of me! Love your blog because I get to see all the kids and the progress they each are making. Not to mention the progress of the mommy! You really do look amazing, I wish it inspired me, but I’m just not there yet…Maybe I should be…

  6. Casey's trio says

    Hi! You know me and how we found each other….the rest is history. And I hope that one day we just might meet in person:) I amy happy to know that I follow lots of the tips you listed in this post!

  7. Cecily R says

    I THINK we linked up through Carrie Keiser, but I don’t know for sure. We read a lot of common blogs so it could be any one of those. However it happened, I am super SUPER glad!!

    One more tip for you. Shorter paragraphs make posts easier to read. I got that one from a guy who makes six figures just blogging and giving conferences about blogging. Its true too, when you think about it. One long paragraph can be overwhelming!!

  8. Good tips. It’s so important to remember that there is always a real person with real feelings behind the blog.

    As for how I know you, I think you found me, maybe via Shannon? However it started, I’m glad to know you :).

  9. Gibson Twins says

    Hi! I just found your blog this morning and look forward to reading along. I have b/g twins so probably clicked over from a multiples site.

  10. I think I linked through Kathy quite a bit ago… but I’ve commented before… just not recently. I don’t remember. Ha!

    I might steal this post for my own… as I have some lurkers too.

  11. Elizabeth says

    Hey There! I found your blog through I found out I was misdiagnosed when we got the TTTS diagnosis. I keep coming back and reading because you have such a beautiful family and interesting posts.

    And, I love your cooking blog.

  12. Of course, i am another momo mommy with BOYS!!! I love to read about your family. I love your blog and wish I was as comfortable with myself as you seem to be abour yourself.

    I know that sounds strange but I am amazed at how you put yourself out there for all to comment about!


  13. Let’s see how do I know you? That’s an easy one you were my close to home heroine from the site! One of these days, I swear, we will get together!

  14. Threeundertwo says

    First, thank you so much for the shout-out!

    Second, you are clearly a classier lady than I am because Ms Anonymous has already left me a nasty comment about my blog entry for today – in which I tear my hear out about the king of all lurkers.

    I’m not sure how I found you, because I click on a lot of blogrolls randomly. It may have been through the twin webring. Is that still active? There seem to be a lot of old/broken links. Maybe we should start a better one.

    I really love your style, and I’m the type of person who can’t imagine reading something and enjoying it and *not* commenting on it.

  15. I know you because of Brooke talking about how she helped you with the twins and then from your comments on the Nakaya blog.
    It’s been great. I feel as if I was to meet you tomorrow we’d be fine you know and we’ve NEVER even met.
    I feel sad about that actually.
    You’re almost like a long lost friend.

  16. I can’t remember how I originally found your blog…maybe Technorati? Not sure. But I appreciate the blogging tips, as I’m pretty still new at this. And I also appreciate the time you’ve taken to visit my blog and comment! Thanks!

  17. Angie,
    By the way, thank for putting me on your “blogs I visit” list. I’ve got you on mine…

  18. All good info! I think you know who I am so I won’t bother…but thanks for updating me on my etiquette.

  19. wow, you have quite a fan base going here. I never knew people just ‘blog surfed’ so much. I feel overwhelmed keeping up with my family and friends. BTW…we’re cousins.

  20. Thanks for all these tips Angie. I really had not thought of “blog etiquette”, but I hope I have not broken too many of these rules just yet. I found you through Shannon, and I do check in on you from time to time. I am guilty of not always leaving a comment 🙁 Love your blog though. You have super cute kids.

  21. girlytwins says

    I know you through the Monmo site…not too big of a secret there. 🙂 However I keep coming back because you are amazing. As a mom, as a friend and a supporter of women like me who were sacred to death of the momo prognosis, you are amazing. Did I already say that again? LOl. I would love to meet you some day in person.

  22. Clark Captions says

    Hello! My name is Stacey and I am Angie’s cousin! Love her! I think your blogtiquettes are very helpful. Thanks for posting them.

  23. Harris Boys says

    I found your blog from the schirano triplets…I was leaving a comment for Rachael and saw your comment about having twins so I had to come see your duo. I love your page and layout, very nice!! thanks for the tips on blog etiquette! 🙂

    mom to ID twin boys A & E

  24. The Jensens says

    Ang, your the most professional blogger I know, and I love it! Everything I know about blogging I learned from you!
    Question: How do I make a hyperlink?

  25. Truthfully Angie I don’t remember how I found you. Probably stalking along through the bloggy universe. I don’t remember why I stopped to chat either. Maybe because I love people, and you had twins. Your blog is adorable too. It’s been too long. I can hardly remember yesterday. Also, you totaly look like one of my mission companions.

  26. I found your blog through Casey (Quilao triplets), and loved this post since I just started my blog and need all the tips I can get. Thanks!!

  27. My name is Tammie says

    I know your from your sweet comments on my blog, and I keep coming back because you are a great writer with interesting posts. 😀 But you knew all that.

  28. That’s hilarious! Yes that’s me BFF Jessica, and I am the luckiest girl ever to live right next door to my best friend. She is the one who got me into blogging! To make things even more ironic I was pregnant with triplet boys one year before Casey with her three girls. I had identical twins and my Evan, and my identicals did not survive TTTS. I am blessed with my two incredible boys:)..Love your blog!

  29. Crazymamaof6 says

    i’m pretty sure you found me. and commented. which i fully appreciate. maybe i found you but have no clue how. it’s been since November though. that much i know maybe from Melissa at Hope for the hopeless. and from you i’ve had tons of wonderful new blog friends! great list!

  30. Like this list. I try to do all these too. I don’t need to go into how we met just that I truly believe we were meant to meet even in this unusual way. Even though we are not together in person much I consider you one of my closest friends. Weird because we write more than we ever talk. We are just kindred spirits I guess. Anyway, you know I love ya!

  31. brookharts says

    Surfin’ blogs tonight which I don’t do often. I think I ended up here because you commented on another blog I was reading. I have triplet boys (2) and 2 daughters (3 & 5). It’s 3 am which is about the only free time I ever have 🙂 Enjoyed reading your blog!

  32. Thanks for the tips! I’m still a newbie! I really appreciated you visiting and commenting on my blog after I visited yours. (I actually had visited A LOT before I commented!) Anyway, I was very excited to be on your blogroll–it may have been the first blogroll I was listed on! You’re on mine too.

    Not sure how I originally found you. It was either a comment you left on another blog, a multiples blogroll, or a search for blogs about twins. My twins are fraternal, but it’s been interesting learning about Momo twins.

  33. Casey's trio says

    I just read Jessica’s post with your comments and I’m cracking up that you were unraveling the relationships between all of us! So funny:) I’ve been meaning to tell you that I bought a pair of Hudson jeans and I love them…better than my 7’s!

  34. Collegegirl says

    Ok, so my name is Elyse and I have found you through two blogs. “Casey’s trio” and “Schirano triplets”. You just keep me coming back to read about your interesting stories and your kiddos are so cute.

    I am in school for EC-4 and Special Ed. I would love to be a mother one day, so you have great tips as well.

  35. Churchill says

    I am yet another momo mommy. You and Laura (and all the other momo mommies) are such a great support system through the pregnancy and the NICU stay. I read your blog because it is always full of fun news and great pictures. What more could you want in a blog?!

  36. ncdieterle says

    Another momo mommy here – Neil, aka TulsaMom on the mono site. I read your blob, Laura’s and Arizona’s … total lurker on all three, though! I’ll try to start commenting here and there, I promise!

  37. ncdieterle says

    Um … make that “blog,” rather than “blob.” The twins are teething and we’re very tired in Tulsa!

  38. Neil,
    I can’t link back to you so I wanted to tell you how nice it is to “see” you!

    Also, I want to clarify that I don’t think one should be obligated to comment on someones blog every time they comment on yours, just that it’s a nice courtesy the first time they take the time to comment on your blog.

  39. Melissa Dovel says

    I linked over from Casey’s Trio- I dont think ive been here before but I like the “blogtiquette”. Your children are beautiful! I am by no means a pro-blogger. I keep one and try to update when the kids are napping, the house is clean, the errands are ran and all is well….HA!

    Thanks for the great post!

  40. Yes, my name is Arizona says

    I know you from I read to keep up on what’s going on in your life and to watch your kids grow. They’re getting so big! And I love JRJ’s comment about Macs. I’m a MacEvangelist, too. I love Macs. My next child will be named MacIntosh. Or Apple. lol…

  41. Stephanie says

    I just left a nice comment summarizing how I know you and why I keep reading – it was lost and didn’t post! AAGHH! I’ll summarize….”met” you on the monoamniotic website where you were a huge source of support during a very difficult time. I’ve been reading since last summer? Sometime after the twins came home and things settled? I love seeing your pics and seeing what those little guys are up to, as we share in that low percentile of having monoamniotic boys! I keep reading b/c you are creative, fun, interesting, intelligent, witty, supportive… inspire me!

  42. Good & Crazy says

    I found you through Arizona, who I found randomly…that’s it.

    I like your Miss Emily’s guide to blog etiquette today. I think all I would add is PLEASE everyone get an email address linked to your google comment sign in…then I thought maybe folks don’t know how?

    So I’ll work on another quickie tute for that!

  43. I of course am another Mono mummy and I love reading your blog and finding out what’s going on in your world.

  44. Collegegirl says

    You must be REALY sinsitive to the sun if you got burned in just 10 minutes:(. Hope you get a base and don’t burn in July!

    Every year it is the same for me, I usually burn and then tan, but usually do not burn this bad. Oh well!

    Hang in there!

  45. Great blogging tips, Angie – I agree with every one of these!!

    Nice to see you – thanks for coming by. Have a good week – Kellan

  46. Josh and Betsie says

    I enjoy reading your blog and when I get a chance I try to comment. I dont really know you in person but through the blog I do. I know you from the MoMo site!

  47. I know you because I am a momo mommy, too. I love your confidence. Although we have never met, I can see how comfortable you are with yourself and I wish I had more of that.

  48. Crazy Daisy says

    I came across your blog during the bloggy giveaway carnival! I have been checking back even since!

  49. I guess we found each other blog hopping. We read many of the same blogs…I come back for the cute kids!

  50. Getting into how I know you may make me cry. Actually I am tearing up already so lets just say that I am a fellow momo mommy with twins one day older than yours.

    Great post and it is obvious that you have many loyal readers because you are FABULOUS!!!

  51. Philigry says

    i love this post. I think maybe you found me first?! I think you left a comment during a jewelry give away i had on my blog.
    I love reading the stories about your kiddos!

  52. Jojomama says

    Hey I know you because my sister loves your guts. And I think you’re fabulous!

  53. Stephanie says

    Question, Angie, on number 7. Trying to set up bloglines and not sure if I’m doing it right. How can I comment from the blogline page? Can I, or do I then have to get to the person’s page? Sorry to ask this here, but didn’t know how to contact you. Thanks 🙂

  54. Ha! You totally did it. You better believe I checked up on you over at The Secret Is In The Sauce. I put in a good word for you just for doing that. Too funny…

  55. I’m from the momo website!! And thank you for the etiqutte lesson…I am a major lurker,but I don’t know how to find lurkers on my blog, so I assume that know one knows I am lurking…oh well…I may have to come clean.

  56. The SITS Girls says

    I just found you cause you posted on SITS! Thanks for putting up the button! Although with me being comment *58, I am not sure you need the help!

    Be sure to email us links to 3 of your best posts so we can get you featured!

    Thanks for the support!

  57. And I forgot to ask…why no run on sentences???? I am the queen of run on sentences….how do you know if people are reading your blog and not commenting???

  58. Thanks for the great post! Sorry I haven’t been around. I have been sucked into the world of facebook.

  59. Tip Junkie says

    Thanks for the shout out. This is such a fun topic and one to remember. I love your blog design!

  60. Wow! You broke the comment bank with this post! Love ya!

  61. andrea j says

    Wow! Lots of comments. Maybe those lurkers are coming out of their shells.

    It’s good to read the blog etiquette. I’m pretty sure I linked to you from Cecily. I think it was the red hair that sparked my attention.

  62. carrie & troy keiser says

    Well, I’ve no idea how I found you, but I did and I have kept coming back because you have twins and I love to read your posts. I feel like the people on my blogroll are friends and I gotta know what’s up in their world. I was surprised to see my name in the comments! brought a smile to my face!
    Loved this post. What a cool idea…. Only you and Cec could pull it off so well! 🙂

  63. Angie great post! I have been wondering about all this for awhile since i am fairly new to blogging. Do you mind if I hyperlink it to a post?

    I think I found you through google reader. It offers suggestions for other reads based on my subscriptions. Your blog title caught my attention.

    It reminded me of my favorite Sunday comics “The Family Circus”

    I keep reading because it is great to connect with other mommies out there who are going through the same thing.

    And thanks for adding me to your mommy bloggers! 🙂

  64. ThatGirl says

    kathy from mama’s losin’ it sent me – nice to meet you!

  65. Your blog is supper cute, I found you from mama’s loosin it, I have been learning a lot of good tips from the both of you today!
    Keep up the good work, I will check back often!

  66. Well I’ve commented a few times in the last week or so since I found your site, but I can’t remember if I told you how i found you. I definitely found your site through a blogroll, but I can’t remember for sure whose… maybe Mama’s Losin It? I stayed because your writing is so relatable and approachable.

  67. Jennifer P. says

    Found you on your SITS day, appreciated the comment you left on my blog, and came back here again when Mama’s Losin’ It linked you! Your blog design draws me in for sure—I like pretty, shiny, well-organized things :)!

  68. This is actually the first time I have come across your blog. I am a fairly new blogger, and I have been wondering about blogroll etiquette. I would like to add a blogroll to my own page, to give props to all the great blogs I like to read on a regular basis. Do I need to ask the bloggers' permissions to do this, or is it okay to just post their links? A little clarity would really be appreciated if you have any input.

    Beautiful page, by the way 🙂