Bisco Turns One!

Bisco turned one on November 25th.  It scares me a little bit that I know his birthday, to be quite honest.  I’m unsure if I have been able to remember his birthday because it’s almost the twins birthday or if I can just remember because I adore my dog more than I let on.

My kids were given Bisco last year for Christmas.  They learned that persistence pays off because after two years of sweetly asking me for a dog, I caved.  Jeff and I chose him out of his litter when he was only 6 weeks old.  He was such a sweet little thing.  He looked like a little ball of coal, and unlike his sisters who couldn’t stop wiggling, Bisco was perfectly calm.  Even though we went to the breeders with the intent to buy a girl, his natural disposition won Jeff and me over.

I delayed bringing him home *hoping* that if I waited long enough the kids would forget about wanting him or that he’d be potty trained {they didn’t, and he wasn’t}.  So, at 12 weeks old, after everyone and their mother gave me a hard time about waiting so long to pick him up,  he joined our family.  I believe that by June, after giving up like 4 months of my life to watch him like a hawk, I started to realized that I really, really liked this dog.

Just to be clear, he is the family dog.  We all have jobs associated with him.  Jeff bathes, brushes and grooms him.  He also obedience trains him.  The kids make sure that he gets let out/or back in when he cries at the door, keep candy and food out of his reach and are permanently on “log patrol”.  I  feed him, make sure he’s where he is supposed to be {i.e., where I can see him so he can’t get into trouble}, and feed him treats when no one is looking.

I pretend that it bugs me that he prefers me over everyone else, but secretly, I like it.  He’s just that sweet.  And smart.

Besides, if the kids knew my secret {treats, my friends}, Bisco would get too fat.

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  1. I LOVE Bisco!! Totally remember this entire process back when the family was begging and you were FIRMLY refusing to cave. My mom has a little poodle and she’s the smartest little thing. I love the way she hops around on her tip toes when the grass is wet and she needs to ‘go’.

    So glad this worked out for you…would hate for this to turn into a “Lucky goes to the Farm” situation like one Scary Mommy we both know.

  2. How cute he is! I wish I was willing to cave on the girls’ requests. I want to. (I don’t really want to). I’d love a dog. (I don’t really want a dog). But I do. (I do). Maybe it’s the upkeep of the dog: the walking, the bathing, the husband sneezing. If someone GAVE us a dog, that’d be different. You can’t turn down gifted dogs. It’s inhumane.

  3. He is so so so cute. I miss not having a pet around since our cat Charlie just left us.

  4. Bisco is so cute.

  5. Happy birthday to sweet puppy and the twins! 😉

    Our dog is definitely my princess. She knows who feeds (treats are wonderful!) her and takes care of her!

  6. Your poodle looks just like a poodle we had when I was growing up. They are such sweet dogs. Happy Birthday to bisco! 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday Bisco. I think you are on to something, I’m going to wait a few years until there are not constantly kids in my lap and then get a dog who will fulfill my needs for someone who is still sweet and cuddly.

  8. Happy Birthday, Bisco!!!! Also, I’m pretty sure I remember egging you on to get a dog. 😉

    Teddy says “Happy Birthday” too – and he heard about those treats…

  9. My twin grandsons have a great facination for dogs, but then they are also very much scared of dogs. There used to be clock work toy pomaranian in our house which when keyed up and left would walk a few steps towards you and then moke big somersault backwards. The kids used to view it with great facination when it walked and then begin to cry in psnic when i somersaulted. There is an big Alsatian in myneighbor’s house called Magic. It was born at about the time thekids were born, but is getting on years now. The children rue that it is getting old too soon.

  10. I’m pretty sure Shauna felt exactly the same way about our dog. She always tried to act put out when he snuggled her, but I heard her cooing at him more than once when she thought no one was looking. Congratulations! You are a dog lover. It could be worse…

  11. My boys are still asking for a dog. My 5y/o and his big eyes and “pwease, Mommy” may just be the death of me.