Beyond Bologna Lunch Challenge Round Up

When myself and four other amazing blogging mamas got together to challenge ourselves to be better preparers of school lunches for our children, we had no idea how hard it would actually be to accomplish. We didn’t quite realize how much better our children’s lunches actually needed to be. And, we had no idea that this challenge would inspire so many people to actually make an effort to do better with us.

In an effort to make this experience timeless, searchable, and awesome for everyone, we’ve compiled all of our best recipes for you, so you can click to it when you get in a school lunch rut and need something healthy, fresh, and fun to pack for your kiddos.

From parenting BY dummies:

From The Miss Elaine-ous Life:

From Seven Clown Circus:

From Mom of 6:

From Moments That Define Life:

Have some awesome lunch time recipes you wouldn’t mind sharing with us?  By all means, link it up!  As many as you have, we don’t care if you’ve got 50! Matter of fact, we sorta hope you do!

We really just want this entire thing to be a resource for you, for us, for moms everywhere who want to go Beyond Bologna!

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  1. PB & honey on white. Bag of chips. Fruit snack. Maaaaybe a fresh piece of fruit. This is all my children will eat. Every. Single. Day. You’d think they’d want something else, but they don’t. No matter how creative I get, they just want the ‘usual’.

    Makes my life easier though… minus the guilt…