Bad Karma

I’m convinced that I was very, very naughty on a holiday in a former life.

Even though I don’t believe in reincarnation.

Here’s why:

Clogged drainage.  Heavy rain.  Holiday.

If this were the first time something crazy happened with the plumbing where ever I lived on a holiday, I would just call it bad luck.

BUT, since this isn’t the first time {it’s the fourth} I’m going to have to chalk it up as bad karma.

The first time was a learning curve.  I didn’t think the advice that had been given to me MY WHOLE LIFE about not putting potato peels down the garbage disposal had much merit.  That clog on my first Thanksgiving cooking was a fun one.

The second time was the worst.

Can we say sewage backed up into the shower and bathtub?  I couldn’t find the yellow pages quickly enough to get someone out to fix whatever was causing the blockage.  $400 later, after being thoroughly fleeced, the problem was taken care of.   Yet, yet…. I still resent being taken advantage of.  Paying $400 for that “remedy” was about $320.00 more than it should have cost.  But, it was a holiday.  So………

The next time I had a plumbing issue it was in Oregon.  A water line burst.  On a holiday.  I had to turn the water off.  For 2 days before someone could make it out to fix it.

Now this.  Martin Luther King, Jr. day.  Heavy rains.

WHY did we have to spend the day snaking the pipe to clear the debris, I mean tree roots?

I shouldn’t complain though.  Now it looks like this:

Which is to say, not flooded.

My biggest regret is that I don’t know what I did to deserve this.

Surely this will be the last holiday with a plumbing issue, right?

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  1. So, for Valentine’s Day, take showers the night before. Skip running the dishwasher. Stay out of the house and catch a movie, and grab dinner on the way home. Don’t tempt fate, ok?

  2. Karma can be nasty some times!!

  3. I think you’ve paid your debt to the Universe!

  4. We have the same problem with medical issues. If someone is going to get sick or injured, guaranteed it will be on holiday:-)

  5. So the question is…..what DID you do to deserve this? I want to hear your naughty holiday stories! 😉

  6. Anything bad that happens at our house always happens when Hubs is at work. Guaranteed. Drives me crazy. When he is home nothing bad happens.

  7. oh no. the tree roots. it’s a constant problem. they keep growing back. you remember what ended up happening with my beloved tree with the naughty roots? yep. it got the ax. poor poor tree. the other solution is pulling a new (root proof) pipe through the old one. VERY expensive. that, or cut down all the trees. it still makes me sad to think about that tree. good luck with this problem, because karma or no, it’s bound to continue as long as there are trees and old pipes….

  8. Seriously, what did you do? I need to know so that this will never happen to me.

    But then again I have my own issues too. See our house is heated my propane and the tank needs to be full so that there is heat. Let’s just say that I am really friendly now with the emergency fill line for the company because I always discover this on a weekend or in the middle of the night when my children are screaming b/c they are so cold.

    I really need to find out what I am doing wrong.

  9. WHAT in the world did you do in your past that we need to dig up and undo????

  10. Okay, that’s just plain bizarre. Stay away from all water and plumbing from now on!

    Justine 😮 )

  11. That is strange girl! We have our own holiday bad karma things going on but NOTHING like that! I’d be afraid for a holiday to come around!

  12. On the upside, Jeff has to do the dirty work while you take pictures, right? lol That’s the way the gross jobs are in my house! We had a recent plumbing issue after hours and ours was $365. Sigh…. It totally sucks!

  13. I love thinking about what you could have done to be so naughty in your past life. LOL

    Tony will not let us plant any trees in our yard because of said problems 🙂 He thinks the roots will invade our house and pool pipes.

    I guess you’ll be prepared for the upcoming storm.

  14. Maybe you insulted the Gods of Plumbing in a past life… you do seem cursed.

  15. You poor thing…that sounds dreadful!!!

    I have a similar situation with electricity…when my husband goes out of town, I find myself in the dark with three kids, three and under! Oy!

  16. Angie, I am so sorry…why does this happen?? I am sure you do not deserve this. Hope the “karma” is over for you. You have had your fair share!

  17. I’ve done the potato peel as well …..FYI don’t flush dental floss either! Hopefully your “bad karma” card is full.

  18. OMGOSH! That is some seriously bad karma. UGH!
    Well, I guess at least no one got hurt…silver lining, right?

  19. I hate to say this Angie, but today is Groundhog day.

  20. My worst fear is sewage backing up into my drains!

    Nice comment, Puna… it IS Groundhog Day! Hopefully, you’re pipes will be clear and happy.

    That sounded funny….

  21. Yeesh. I really need to call a plumber to have them clean out our pipes to prevent this issue!

  22. ♥ MAN! and on a holiday that just makes a bad situation miserable!

  23. Um, can you say “vacation” as in “take one next holiday?

    But really, that’s just not right. Yikes.

  24. Oh no and why am I thinking about that movie the butterfly effect?

    If this happens again, we need to seriously think about this!

    I’m sorry I know it is totally crummy.

  25. Haa! Surely not! You’re on a streak, a bad one, I think! 🙂 i have those too so don’t feel so bad. Our water line burst a couple years ago…whooo…what an adventure that was!

  26. hmm iKnow this post is about your bad karma…but notice that you have 5 trash cans…hmmm why? do u recycle? if you do you shouldn’t have bad karma!
    sorry about the flood… =(

  27. Plumbing problems are the worst. It sounds like you do have some bad karma floating around you.

    The day I brought Chloe home from the hospital, all of our plumbing backed up. I was dying to take a shower, so different from taking on at the hospital. When I went to get in, I found nasty water in the shower and in our tub.

    Roots. Those nasty roots.