Wordful Wednesday – Back to School 2013

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My kids headed back to school last week and I’ve had a hard week, let me tell you.  Bisco the dog and I have been moping around the house wondering what to do with our selves.  It’s like the heart of our home is missing and it’s sad, sad, sad.  During the summer I just want a few minutes of peace and quiet, but now that the kids are gone I miss their noise and chaos.  Plus, I think it’s really hitting me how quickly they grow up and that I don’t have a ton of time left with them before they head off into the world to become independent creatures.   Of course, that’s the ultimate goal, but I didn’t think it would creep up so quickly.  Now, when you see the pictures you’ll wonder what I’m talking about.  My oldest isn’t even in high school yet. But she will be.  Next year.  And then everyone else will be and then they’ll be done.  I’ll blink and they’ll be gone.  I just know it.  But, enough of that.  Here’s a big part of my heart on the first day of school 2013:

Back to School 2013

lee kids 2013





Wishing all of your kids a wonderful year!

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  1. God your kids are just the cutest things. But I don’t see grown-ups yet. You’ve got a few years more before they’re on that slippery slope of young adulthood. Hang in there mama!! Just think, more time to write and read blogs, right? lol

  2. Your kids look adorable on their first day of school. Here’s wishing them all a wonderful school year.

  3. Your crew always looks so precious, and so accommodating of your photo ops!
    Hope your year ahead is wonderful for all!

  4. Yay for back to school!! And yours look so happy too… were they?

  5. Your kids look absolutely adorable in their first day of school outfits! Hope they have a great year!

  6. LOL. Zeke went off to preschool today w/o crying, and I’m doing the happy dance. It is starting to sink in that in 18mo. Luke will be gone– that makes me very sad, but the kids going to school? Nah. Love that the twins wear their hair differently. Starting to want their own identity? Are they in the same class?

  7. what a nice surprise to come over and have my sweet boys picture on your page 🙂
    THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow… your kids have grown so fast… seems like just the other day, I found your blog and was admiring your cute family when the kiddos were younger.. time really does fly fast!!!

    I did post my link up… better late than never? right?
    its the hard rock… biloxi… LOVE IT