An Itsy-Bitsy Frustration

I’m an itsy-bitsy bit frustrated at the moment.

Let me just say right up front that I’m not looking for sympathy, rather a little head nodding and understanding. I’m pretty sure you’d be frustrated too.

You all know that we recently bought a fixer-upper. A repo snatched up by an investment firm and then resold to us. Lots of work involved. More than we anticipated, but hey, hard work is not a bad thing. I know it’s not.

Wait. I’m rambling. Let me just get to the point here……buying this house has meant buying new appliances. Many new appliances. Refrigerator, dishwasher, cooktop, washer and dryer. I’ve hit just about every appliance store in a 50 mile radius (remember, I’m in L.A., so we’re talking handfuls of stores) looking for the best deals. I found that buying my appliances at the Sears Outlet Stores was by far the most economical way to go.

Now here’s the thing about the Sears Outlet Stores. Each store has different merchandise, and some stores have more of certain appliances than others. Since I was looking for multiple items, I went to multiple stores. Repeatedly. Most of the merchadise in the outlet stores is in some way cosmetically damaged, or has been returned and refurbished. With manufacturer warranties and such deep discounts, I figured I could handle a few small scratches or whatever cosmetic mar there happened to be. I spent HOURS going to different stores trying to find the right appliance WITH the least amount of visible flaw. I finally left the stores with lighter pockets for sure, but with the knowledge that I had just saved buckets of cash. Every item that I purchased was at least 50% less than retail. I felt sure that I could live with a few scratches. Afterall, I’d have brand new, fully functional appliances. Right?

Um wrong.

I was and am perfectly pleased (I’m trying to use new words here) with my refrigerator. Has worked like a charm since we plugged it in.

My new steam washer and dryer set charmed the washer woman in me. Steam to help remove stains in my children’s clothes? I was inordinately thrilled with this purchase. I’ve been coveting a steam washer and dryer since I first found out about them. When we got home and my husband discovered that the special forked tubing (not available in home improvement stores) that allows water to flow to the dryer, (thus, the steam) was missing, my spirits were dampened. It was a small set back, but not a devastating one. I just had to drive all the way back to the store (in the middle of my move) and pick up the essential tube. That they forgot to include.

By now, I hadn’t done laundry for a few days and it was piling up. Remember those 5 kids? So I started that bad-boy steam washer. And it didn’t work. At all. The hubs spent HOURS trouble shooting. Nothing.

In the meantime I had finally unpacked all of my dishes, which means I now had dirty dishes, because faster than you can say scrumdillyumptious, we had used them. Paper goods get old fast. It was with a happy heart that I loaded my beautiful new two drawer dishwasher, and expected perfection. I don’t think I was expecting too much. Just clean, dry dishes. That sucker didn’t deliver.

I moaned and groaned thinking I’d have to go back to TWO different stores to return my defective items. But wait. That 90 day return period only applies AFTER a technican comes out and deems the appliance un-repairable. Fine. I have to wait a week for a technican? I can live with it, but I’m not exactly happy with the prospect.

I waited. A week. They came. That dishwasher technican conquered. Totally fixed that sucker up, and now that dishwasher is no longer a sucker. It’s my beautiful new two drawer beauty again.

That washing machine on the other hand? Only needed a few parts that the technican didn’t have. Like a new CONTROL PANEL. Not to worry though. The parts will be shipped directly to me and they’ll come back out and take care of it. IN TWO WEEKS.

Do you even know how much laundry I wash and re-wash in a THREE week period? Lots. A minimum of 6 BIG loads a week. I KNOW that I’m fortunate to have a washer at all. I know that I should be counting my lucky stars that this little upset is just temporary. I know this. But I’m still an itsy-bitsy bit frustrated that my brand new washer doesn’t work. Just like I’m a little bit frustrated that I will have three after school pick-ups come fall. I KNOW that I should just be glad that I even have the opportunity to be home when my kids get out of school in order to pick them up. Yet, I still wish there was only ONE pick up time. Same with the washer. I’m thankful I even have a washer. I just wish it worked.

Do I see any head-nodding? Please?

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  1. I get it, and I do feel bad. But I am also completely JEALOUS!!!! I have been eyeing those washers/dryers for a while now. I would love to have one. Although, I would want one that actually works! That really does stink!

  2. So sorry for the frustration. Hope you get it all straightened out soon! Enjoy your dish washer and washer and dryer for me! 🙂

  3. Oysterblogger says

    We bought our stuff from regular sears and they are a joke it took 10 days to get them out or two weeks cuz they only come to my neighborhood once a week then didn't have the part so it was another two weeks yeah I dont have five but I feel your pain cuz my laundry was piling up and I am sure you have twice as much it was heinous!!
    Poor thing!! And your three pick ups still boo hooing for you over that!!

  4. You can count on me to fully commiserate. I bought a Kenmore washer and dryer a couple of years ago. It had a defect. All of them had a defect. While I was in Mexica last winter, it quit working all together while full of towels and totally full of water. My mom called the repairman. He charged her $400 to fix the KNOWN defect. 4 months later I received a letter in the mail from Sears telling me that they have become aware of a defect in my washer and they are going to come and fix it for FREE. I, of course, called them to tell them that I already had it fixed and paid $400 for it. They said someday they will be reimbursing us for that….when they decide who is responsible in their messed up organization.

    Moral of the story…DON'T BUY FROM SEARS!!

  5. I'd be frustrated too.
    Sorry Angie.
    How are you getting your kids clothes clean in the mean time?

  6. (Head nodding emphatically over here)

    I've been without a washer for a couple of weeks before too, and with kids, HOLY MOLY! It is indeed frustrating, because EVERYTHING feels out of whack…and there's not a dang thing yu can do about it

  7. Oh, I so feel your pain. It has been close to a year since my dishwasher has worked. And even then it only worked for a month. It had been out of commission for six months before that!! Sigh…

    On the upside, while expensive, the laundromat is handy because you can use 17 machines and get all your laundry done in an hour!! Woot woot! lol

  8. Oh, and I will also be suffering with you with three drop offs and three pick ups, in three different locations at three different times.

  9. Bonnie the Boss says

    Wow! yeah, I would be frustrated too! I love waiting for repairmen. I love it so much in fact that, I am going to spend my day doing it today.

  10. I think that is quite a bit more than "itsy" frustrating. I can't even begin to imagine all the other things that I am sure you need to be doing…or that might be clamoring for your attention.

    We have a Sears scratch and dent here, too. They have AMAZING prices. But there is just the one 🙂

  11. Kristina P. says

    I would be so mad! You are a better person than I am, Angie!

  12. Grand Pooba says

    I am so nodding my head right now, how frustrating!!!

  13. Angie,
    I KNOW the frustration. I hope and pray things get better. No one needs that much dirty laundry! ;o)

  14. Amy @ Six Flower Mom says

    Head nodding here! It is okay to WISH!

  15. That is frustration! I would freak out:-(

  16. YIKES! I remember when we went through that last August, it's definitely Frustrating! I hope it all goes smoothly and you'll be a washing mama soon!!

  17. Tony@ That One Paticular Harbor says

    Head Nodding over here. No much is more frustrating than when an appliance does not work. Especially one that is so critical to smooth functioning of ones true chaos..

  18. Girl, you're not only getting head nodding from me, I'm almost wanting to bang my head against the keyboard in frustration for you! My parents always get their appliances from scratch and dent places, but I've never heard of them coming without essential PARTS! Weeks before you can use your washer? that is BULLSHIT! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    And stop talking about your pickup times. I'm trying to enjoy the lack of school days and everyone is talking about school starting already! ARghhhhhhhh

    Justine 😮 )

  19. T Rex Mom says

    Head nods for sure – I hope the next few weeks go by speedily!

  20. Kimberly says

    I'm totally nodding my head here. I would be so annoyed too! I can't imagine living without a washer for 3 weeks…and I am only one person to wash for! Bummer girl! Good luck…here's hoping the parts come faster!!!

  21. Migraine Mom says

    Nodding head vigorously!!! We have been there done that and it is soooo frustrating!! Hope the next couple of weeks go by quickly!

  22. Cecily R says

    Currently nodding. AS much as I hate laundry, I have to say that not being about to do it at my leisure, when I so choose for three weeks would BOTHER me.

    So, can you convince your shorties to wear the same clothes for a week or so? They can shower with them on and clean them that way, right?

  23. You're more laid back than I am – not having appliances for weeks on end drives me completely round the bend crazy. I can't bear to remember the Great Dishwasher Saga of '08…

  24. Molly Doe says

    You've got an amen here. I have a dryer that sounds like…well, my sister recently compared it to the sound that a local amusement park has at the end of their horror ride- the one that makes people scream at the end. I am grateful I have a dryer that works. But I wish I could stand to be in the general vicinity of my dryer when it was working.
    I hope the next two weeks go by very quickly for you.

  25. That sucks! I guess you will be at the laundry mat huh? I would be. Theres no way I would let my laundry accumulate. I would get lost in it. Literally! Good luck.

  26. I am totally nodding my head. I get it and you should be frusterated.

  27. NOD, NOD!!! I hear you and totally empathize with you.

  28. I am nodding!! More than I can say. especially the laundry. Mine was out for 4-5 days and it took me 4 days to catch up. Keep smiling! hopefully it will go fast. I'll send happy thoughts your way.

  29. Even though I feel bad for your pain, I am glad you are with me on this. I have NO LUCK with washing machines. In 14 years, I am on at least my 3rd (if not 4th) one and the SEARS guy came out yesterday…it was STILL working but giving me trouble. After he left, it died…now I have to wait a week to get it fixed. This time he won't be leaving my house until a whole load of clothes is washed, I don't trust them! Grrr.

  30. Oh the dishdrawer! The appliance that drives me nuts. My bottom draw is the only one that works and I've given up on getting the other one fixed. Sometimes I text Wayne the words F1 to give him a heads up on what is waiting for him when he gets home – that is he needs to totally remove the one remaining door and mop up the water on the sensor.

  31. searscares says

    Dear Sears Customers,

    It is disappointing to read about all the issues you have been experiencing. My name is David and I work for the Sears Cares Team. We would like to speak to you regarding any issue you may be experiencing. Please contact us at so we can further discuss your concerns.

    Thank you,

    David V.
    Senior Case Manager

  32. scrappysue says

    and i'm thinking of ALL the traffic you had to negotiate going back and forth to the stores, dragging FIVE children with you! let alone the not having a washing machine! at least it's summer, so if the kids end up earing loin cloths, they won't be cold hehe

    [head nodding]

  33. Oh Angie…. so sorry for your frustrations!! I am glad you got your dishwasher fixed, but that does suck having to wait for your washer to be completed!! I will send the laundry fairy over to do it all for you!! 🙂 (yea right…don't we wish)

  34. So nodding my head…I've had problems with just Sears products in general brand new.

    We ended up sending back both washer and dryer..I will never own a Maytag again!!

    I hope your issues get resolved soon. I can't imagine being without a washer for 3 weeks and there are only three of us.

  35. Elaine A. says

    Nodding ferociously and hoping you feel just a little better getting it out! ; )

  36. Allegra Posts for Rose says

    I'm nodding big time. I can't even imagine what my frustration level would be if I had 5 kids and a washing machine that didn't work.

    Sometimes I like the idea of finding the best prices, but then sometimes I think the best prices lead to problems because there is a reason there is a deal.

    Anyway I hope that washer gets fixed sooner than you think because you just can't go that long without a washer that works. Good luck with all. Ugh.

  37. I walked into a Sears a few years ago (I have 5 kids too) and said get me the biggest washer & dryer you can give me. It was pricey but I used a 12 month, no interest plan. I thank my husband every other week still. I love it but I still hate laundry. My laundry time has been reduced a lot. I hope you get your washer working soon. Once you get it going, maybe you can have those happy times. Hang in there! At least it is Summer and less bulky clothes!

  38. Kathy B! says

    Nodding my head…

  39. Casey's trio says

    UGH….multiple problems with appliances is a pain in the butt! And the washer being out of commission? BIG trouble!!

  40. ugh. I cant have a washer at my house, because we haven't gotten sewage yet and it would overfill our septic tank, so I know how much life sucks sans washer… and I don't have kids. Good luck.

  41. I'm sorry, but that deserves more than head-nodding… full out sympathy is required!
    I have one baby… ONE… and the amount of laundry I do has seriously multiplied. I would cry without my washing machine!
    Hang in there:)

  42. Oh, my sweet friend. I'm feeling your struggle. We bought ALL NEW appliances from Sears in '05, when we built our home. ALL NEW appliances that were the top-rated ones in that year's Consumer Reports guide.

    The washer has torn up 4 times, the dishwasher once…the double ovens…oh, every 6 months or so, and the stand-alone ice maker? It's been replaced. Twice. Thank God we shelled out the extra bucks for the warranties.

    Please forgive me for sounding like an 80 year old when I say this, but it's true: "They just don't make 'em like they used to."

    I feel you. I hear you. I want to hug you. I also want to spend a day at the spa with you, with our one-piece swimsuits on. Fo' sho'.