An Email Plea….

Stephanie at Live.Love.Eat sent me an email that reminded me that I have something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about. Well, some of you. For quite some time.

Have you ever noticed that when your blog comments are emailed to you some people have email addresses attached in which you can respond to their comment, and some don’t? Sometimes they ask something specific from which they’d like an answer? So then you have to go to their blog and post a random answer about something totally unrelated to their post? Me too.

Maybe I’m a little unclear. So here’s Stephanies question, “why do your comments come across with your email address and some others come across as no reply?”

And here’s my answer. I’m super courteous (hahaha) and try to make sure that the person to whom I comment is able to easily and effortlessly contact me in return.

My other answer is that Carissa at Good and Crazy told me how. And so I followed her instructions. And now it’s done.

Here’s how (for Blogger users):

Pull up your Blogger User Profile, and then click “Edit User Profile”.
Third line down: Show Email Address: Make sure there is a check in the box.
Further down, under Identity: Email Address: Type in your email address.

My life has been better since I’ve followed these simple instructions. Yours can be too. Just do it!

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  1. Crazymamaof6 says

    yup! love to be able to reply. i try everyone and am always sad when i can’t.
    great blog suggestion.

  2. Crazy Daisy says

    Amen! 🙂

    Thank you for writing about this! It DOES make it so much easier when folks have their email already attached to their comment…

  3. Thanks Angie! I get lots of google hits (not that I mind) because one of my posts was a letter to “”. At least you all were more observant than me and noticed that you were not getting a real email address when you replied. I think I will go back and link you and Carissa to my post so that whoever gets there can know *why* they can’t email a commenter directly.

  4. Thank you for this information Angie. This has always been a mystery for me and now I can reply to folks directly. Great post.

  5. Oh, mine is already set. I thought that you were answering this question:how do you email people that comment on your blog directly?

    Your solution helps with this question but I guess there is no other way to do reply directly in blogger if people don’t set their profile up this way.

  6. Thank you for posting this!

    I hate when I write a really long reply to a comment and then realize that it’s not gonna go anywhere, and I hate replying directly on an unrelated post. So hopefully the right people will read this and stop frustrating me!

  7. Do y’all fnd you get more spam because your email addy is out there. I’m a no commenter and there are often times I’d like to change that but I think about the spam I already get and decide to leave it that way.

  8. Good N Crazy says

    Hey Girl, did you do this on purpose?!


    I’ve got your blog highlighted right now!
    (and I just realized your button didn’t link up to you??)I’m working on that….
    Thanks for the link, I’d really like for everyone to get this one figured out!

    To melissa above, yahoo is soooo good at spam blocking I hardly get any spam to my inbox, and I only check my spam box every couple days (it does catch some good emails in there…) I think blogger’s incription does a pretty good job of blocking the spambots. But not even writing longhand with @ spelled at works completely!?

  9. Thanks for doing this. Very P.C. and I so I am linking a post on my blog to this post. I often try to reply to people who post comments directly, but I am sad when I cannot because of this

  10. Migraine Mom says

    Okay…I followed the instructions…I hope this works! Now, I just have to remember to check my gmail account..

  11. Amen to this! I’ll be honest I noticed when you did it. It made life easier too… Although I think my computer knows your email by heart. I send more to you than anyone else. Ha ha.

  12. Veggie Mom says

    I love all comments, but your suggestion is great! I just get thrown off sometimes when I get a comment that seems a tad out of place. I must be getting “older,” but it takes me a while to sort things out! 🙂

  13. Threeundertwo says

    I’m one of the holdouts that doesn’t want spambots harvesting my email address, so I put it in javascript on my page.

    My hotmail address, that uses my username (there ya go!) is 100% spam free, and I’d really like to keep it that way.

  14. Thank you so much for that help! I have been wondering if I should leave a comment on my blog or theirs. This is so much easier!!!!

  15. 4 Little Men and Twins says

    i completely agree… mine is set up to show my email but it’s been so long ago that a i forgot how i did it. i wanted to post the steps on my blog so everyone else can do it to. yeah… now i have them.

    thanks for sharing


  16. Such a great tip!! I always love to respond to direct comments via email. Mind if I link back to your tip on SITS??

  17. Is mine done?
    You’ve emailed me. Is it there? Is it easy?

  18. WheresMyAngels says

    Thanks, I have been trying to figure that one out!

  19. WheresMyAngels says

    Wait, no I have already done that, but I haven’t figured out how to email people from the comment section.

  20. I’ll have to check mine but I’m pretty sure my e-mail shows b/c I sometimes do get e-mails regarding comments I’ve made. But I haven’t figured out how to e-mail people who make comments on my blog. Maybe it’s b/c those people don’t have their profile set up the way you suggested?? Why is all this so confusing to me? My kids have sucked all the brain cells out of me!!!

  21. BTW, I just viewed your slide show and you have such a beautiful family!!!!!!

  22. Good info–thanks!

  23. wow, this is a great tip. thanks!

  24. Annette Piper says

    Instructions followed – thanks!!

  25. Kim Heinecke says

    great tip – glad you “borrowed” that from someone. It just might be a great Monday afterall…

  26. Live.Love.Eat says

    So glad you posted this Angie. Even if people have it set up already like I do it's nice to go back & look because we can't see how we come across to others when we comment. Also, if someone comments to me and it has a no reply option, I usually go to their blog and see if they have an email address and just copy and paste it. If they don't, I will go to their blog & just say hi.

  27. And then there was 4... says

    Angie, dumb queston, but how do you do it. I have four kids and I’m thinking of a fifth and don’t know if I can. do you have any help? do you stick to a schedule?
    thanks sandy

  28. Thanks for posting this! I always wondered about it but was too lazy to look it up!

  29. Good idea to let others know about this!! lol I stumbled across is a while back. :o)

  30. girlytwins says

    Very cool Angie. Thank goodness for ladies like you that help the rest of us out 🙂 I am so clueless at this stuff.

  31. And THEN comments to yourself won’t end up in your spam box! 🙂

  32. Thanks for the tip!

  33. I actually changed mine because of Carissa as well. Makes things much easier!!

  34. Angie,
    Thanks for the great info…I’m off to Blogger to make sure I have mine set up this way!

  35. When I first created my blogger account, I chose not to post my email becuz I wasn’t sure how it would be with spam or if some random (i.e. unwanted) person started emailing me. For me, personally, I never expected anyone to email me. But I can see your point and how this is a great tip!

  36. Thanks for the great tip. I just checked my and it wasn’t set up that way but it is now.

  37. Mama's Losin' It says

    ooh ooh, I just looked and my box was already checked!! I didn’t even know.

    I love random blogging advice!!

  38. See, you are one of the cool bloggers that emails me back on my comments… I love that about you by the way.

  39. You are so helpful to me as a new blogger. I learned something new, and have always wondered how that whole thing worked. Thank You!!!
    My other favorite was the post you did on blogger etiquitte (sp??)..So helpful!

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  41. Scary Mommy says

    YES!!! Everyone pu-lease do this!!!

  42. I always wondered about that too. Thanks for the tip!