Am I seriously hearing what I think I’m hearing?

Ever have anyone tell you things that are so inane it’s almost unbearable? I’m still shaking my head over this one.

“Mom”, “Destiny (name changed to protect the fibber, who is not my child) said that when we meet the Jonas Brothers for lunch I don’t have to bring any money because it’ll be their treat. And Hannah Montana will be there!”

“What? You are not having lunch with the Jonas Brothers and I’m sick of hearing about how Destiny is friends with all of these people that she’s not”.

“But mom. Did you know that Britany Spears got out of jail yesterday”?

“Ah. Don’t say another word. I don’t care one bit about Britany Spears, and neither should you.”

I’m STILL cringing.

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  1. Casey's trio says

    Hmmmm…Destiny sounds like she’s a little out of touch with the real world…poor thing. Sounds like she’s working hard at impressing people.

  2. Oy, that can’t be good.

  3. Scary! I am going to enjoy my blissful lack of gossip unawareness around my house these days. Some days I wish my kids would grow a little older and then I read this. AHHH… I think I would die!

  4. Oh man, the more we can protect our kids from these ‘moron’ celebrities the better. Such bad examples of how to live and yet they could do so much good. Pity!

  5. Are You Serious! says

    Emma has a friend that make’s up all kinds of non-sense! She even told Emma to sneak out of the house and stuff like that! BEYOND unhappy about that!

  6. carrie & troy keiser says

    Where are the parents? What are they letting this child read/watch? ‘things that make you go hummmmm’!

  7. Casey's trio says

    Is it just me or is your page taking a long time to load? The last few times I’ve come to check on you the header and all your sidebars show up, but your posts don’t pop up for several minutes.

  8. Oh my! My kids play pretend but they do not go telling other kids thinkgs like that.

    Yesterday they were part of HSM.. one was Gab and one eas Sharpay.


  9. oh my lord, really that is so funny. i guess it is easy for me to laugh because my kids aren’t at that stage yet. the main topic of conversation here if poopy diapers, i pooped on you, and i farted and it stinks….

  10. wow! How sad that this little girl’s mother allows her to carry on this way. Good job keeping your own daughter living in reality!

  11. Poor child. She is obviously living in a less than ideal home. Or maybe her mom is in to gossip mags? I too discourage all talk of Hannah Montana , but that is the only celeb my daughter knows about so far.

  12. Snort!!! Good grief Angie, you have a winner of a friend on your hands!!

    Isaac had a pal like that and since she (SHE) was older he believed EVERYTHING she said. He carried around a piece of cotton for a week that she gave him because “Elizabeth swinged so high she grabbed some cloud and gave it to me Mom!!”

    The Britney Spears thing though, makes me wonder what that kid is watching with her mom…

  13. Crazymamaof6 says

    that is amazing.

  14. I do not watch any gossips show, neither with my daughter or even when I’m alone. I also believe it’s not a good consumption.
    I think this girl has a high imagination but went wrong way…

  15. That Brittany – she’s all we ever hear about, isn’t she!? Take care. Kellan

  16. Somehow I missed this post entirely and I am cringing with you. Sweet innocent Grace being taken. Some kids grow up too fast. I don’t want Britney Spears name in my house either, ewww!

  17. You really have to be careful about having the news on in the house, I think.