A Switcheroo

One view of the boys room. It is hard to tell, but it is a cowboy themed room.

Entering the room..

Grace’s room…..her favorite piece is the lamp.

One side of Emma’s room.

The other side.

We’ve been busy the past few days….last night I decided that we should switch the kids rooms around. We decided to eliminate the nursery putting the three boys together in the two adjoining rooms. We then moved Emma into Garrett’s old room and Grace into the twins old room. Grace LOVES her new room and it brings me so much joy to see how happy she is about it. Jeff spent the morning hanging curtains for her (and Emma and the boys), putting on her new bedding and putting up a pink message board. And, it is organized so well, which makes me extra happy. The part that makes me sad though is that she is growing up and getting so independant. She knows that it is a big deal to get her own room (must mean she’s growing up) and she appreciates it. Now, that is BIG! She’s also lost two teeth this past week.

Garrett isn’t sure what to think about sharing a room. He keeps saying, “No baby, that’s mine”. I asked him if he liked his new room and he said, “No, I no like my bed in Emma’s room”.

I think this new arrangement will work out really well though. The twins are always wanting to play in the playroom, but to get to it, they had to walk through Grace and Emma’s room and always found things to get into. Now I don’t have to worry about them getting into the girls things…..well, unless they leave their doors open….

I’ll post pictures tomorrow for those few of you who actually care. LOL.

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  1. I want to come over and check it out!

  2. I can’t wait to see pics. Sounds like a better arrangement. I love seeing pics from you (hint hint). To upload faster when I am taking pics I often change the resolution to smaller so they load fast. In most cases I want big resolution for printing them so then I reduce it by hand on my computer before I upload that way its fast and easy.