Wordful Wednesday ~ A Look Back at Toddler Trouble

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I found some old pictures recently of my twins as toddlers.  They were taken when we were living in Oregon and they {#4 & #5} got into everything in sight.  I literally couldn’t take my eyes off of them for a second or they were off….into the pantry, up on the counter, on top of the fridge, in the heating ducts, in the toilet paper, in the soil.  You name it, they found it, they tore in to it.

I can laugh about it now, but I swear to you, for about a year there, I didn’t think I’d survive it.

Now I see pictures and just smile because those days really were……precious.  And I can assure you that back then I never thought I’d say that.

Twins collage

I don’t even know what to say.  Pictures speak louder than words?

Twins collage

This one is just fun.  One of the huge benefits of having twins is that they play really well together.  And here’s proof.

duct tape diapers

We had to duct tape their diapers on if we wanted them to stay on.  Eventually we had to start duct taping all the way around their waists, too, because they figured out how to tear off just one strip in the front.

twins in my make up

They were pretty proud of their make up jobs.  That day.  And every other day they got in my make up.

Jeff and Jacob

And this picture?  I just plain love it.  Even if I can’t tell which twin is being loved up by Jeff.

Do you have any memories that you smile on now that you never thought you would, then?

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  1. Oh, I have some of the same…looking back, I can laugh and smile, but in those moments…oh, I was upset.

  2. I have some of the same pictures of Princess Nagger doing very similar things at that age…and now I’m reliving some of those moments with Little Dude. 🙂 Your boys are so precious!

  3. ROFL, I love that you actually duct-taped their diapers!

    I never thought I’d laugh about the time that M dyed herself blue from top to toe when she got into the blue dye from the toilet bowl but looking back it was pretty hysterical. I really should have taken a picture…

  4. That is what I am living in now with my two year old! Love this post and the reminder.

  5. The duct-taped diapers say it all!
    I am in the terrible toddler boat right now and it takes all my will power not put up the white flag. I am glad to hear that smoother sailing is ahead

  6. Oh gosh, memories filing in of my twin boys at that age. Gosh, it was tough, but we had many many laughs

  7. Great shots, and I know we all do, but I look at these and wonder how you survived! They were a handful, times two, no?

  8. OMG….I am laughing out loud at these photos. I have my share of those kinds of photos, too!

  9. These pictures made my day, Angie, especially the duct tape diapers. I do have a few of the kids that make me look back happily although at the time I was probably screaming. I can’t imagine it with two at once (although I must admit I can’t imagine how two wouldn’t be, um, more fun. Ha).

  10. I’m totally laughing- I have a similar pic of my youngest. We had to duct tape her diaper on when we would use disposables. With cloth I just had to go straight old school & use pins. She could never figure those out. But anything that pulled open easily- that was it.

  11. I have been looking back at old photos of my triplets lately too but mainly because I met a mom with twins who are 18 months and I am in awe that I managed that age with 3. Time goes by so fast and much like you, I didn’t think I’d make it through.

    Cute pictures.

  12. Oh man. A close friend of mine has twin boys and I vividly recall her complaining about one trying to put the other in the stove. Twin toddlers are certainly a handful!! I think you have a great perspective about how we look back with fondness. It’s good to know that the crazy toddler phase doesn’t last forever!

  13. These are the sweetest! And I am SO where you were then, now. Last night, Charlotte woke up crying and when I found her, she was soaking wet – I realized her diaper must have just leaked and started to change her…then I looked over into the bed that she had shared with Maddie (that’s another new development due to climbing cribs) and Maddie was stark naked from the waist down! She had torn her diaper off earlier in the night and I had no idea!! So of course, her entire bed was soaked, I had to wake her up etc…GOOD times. 🙂

  14. DUCT TAPE!!! Genius! My little girl is already starting to get tired of wearing her diaper and I had no idea how I was going to keep them on until now! And, congratulations on surviving twins! LOL! 😉 Those pictures are precious!

  15. So cute! In retrospect anyway. It’s funny how no matter how much you try to baby proof, toddlers can get into everything anyway.

  16. seriously? that cracks me UP with the duct tape! that is awesome!
    I have loved every moment of this journey i am on… i just wish he could stay young just a bit longer… lol, but every day is a new adventure and i am so glad i get to see it first hand!
    they are so stinking cute in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE you have of them!!!!!!


  17. Ahh yes. Life with toddler twins. That is a story unto itself. LOVE the electrical tape!

  18. Ah… duct tape and diapers… brings back some good memories of my own. Funny now, but I’m sure glad Zeke isn’t as mischievous as Ella was… oh the horror…

    Cute cute pictures. Can’t imagine having 2 monsters at the same time! LOL.

  19. Thank you for the wonderful walk down memory lane…the boys are so much fun!!! I adore them! xoxo

  20. Yeah, I can see how the mischief would be fun to look back on NOW. 😉 Cuties!!