The pressure is on. I’m going to try to make these interesting.

80. I had a babysitter once that left my sister and me alone, stole my mom’s car and crashed into 9 cars trying to go down the hill.

81. My sister borrowed my curling iron while we were in London. Apparently my adapter didn’t work correctly because when she rolled her hair onto the rod it sizzled and burned to a crisp. When she handed the curling iron back to me the rod melted off the handle.

82. I never liked being pregnant. Now I miss it.

83. I used to go to Jose Eber to get my hair cut once a year and the cut was so great it would last me at least 6 months. One time the stylist I usually used didn’t show so I got a consultation with the flagrant man himself.

84. I make friends easily.

85. I wanted to be a school teacher until I had children of my own.

Have I mentioned that try to do everything the easy way? Here’s a flashback for the remaining 15 factoids.

Whew, I LOVE that I did it. Check. The fun part is about to begin.

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  1. Congratulations! I loved all of your list and found myself saying, ‘yup’ quite a few times.

    I’m not surprised to find out you make friend easily and I laughed out loud about the boys noses.

    Thanks for sharing, I feel like I know so much more about you now!

  2. Woo Hoo! Now I can say with certainty that you are much MUCH more interesting than I am! My sitters never did anything cool unless you could playing monopoly with me!!

    Your awards breakfast fact made me giggle a little. Jon was invited to one of those too. He and his mom sat through all these awards for best math student, english, etc. All of them were Sterling Scholars, etc and he couldn’t figure out what he was there for (he’s amazingly smart but only average as far as grades were concerned), until they called him up for best PE STUDENT! Ha!

  3. Casey's trio says

    Can’t get over the crazy babysitter story! And I must add that you are a very easy person to make friends with:)

  4. What a fun list :). My mom once fried a blowdryer in Spain and tried to throw it out in the garbage in her hotel room. Each day the maid would fish it back out and put it on the dresser! (All the while wondering why the idiot American woman kept putting her things in the trash I’m sure.) She finally had to take it to a garbage can out on the street to get rid of it.

  5. I can see how you make friends easily…
    ok, 15 to go. Go Angie go!!

  6. by the way. MERRY CHRISTMAS. I may not be able to say it right in time. I have something else to celebrate…

  7. Can’t believe the babysitter story. I had a babysitting horror story too but not nearly as juicy as yours!

    I already knew that you made friends easily:)

    Angie, you really are a fascinating person! So glad I got to read all of these.

  8. Yay! Very fun list. You are very interesting!

  9. Loved reading your list. You have almost convinced me to start my own. I have a few things bouncing around in my head so maybe I’ll get them down for real one of these days! It’s just going to have to wait until after Christmas though.

  10. Crazymamaof6 says

    wow! that is crazy! makes ya think twice about who you get to babysit.
    loving your lists! and getting to know you better. crazy curling iron too!

  11. I had so much reading your facts! You sure have had an interesting life.

    Jenny L.

  12. CHEATER!!!!

  13. Angie…you are amzaing. I cannot believe some of the stories you have shared….The baby sister one was insane. I am tried to get online and finish reading several times but Henry has been a huge helper on loading another page!! You guys have a great Christmas!