5 Summer Up-Do’s and How To Do Them {hair tutorials}

How to do Up-Do’s for the summer are going to make your life so easy this season!  These Up-Do braid tutorial, including How to Do a “Sea Shell Flip Bun, How to do a Braided Sock Bun,  How to do an Upside-down Braid Into-a-Bun, How to Make a Staircase bun/braid, and How to make a Twistie Bun, range from semi-easy to a bit difficult, and are easiest if you have someone to do them on you, but all are worth learning as they look fabulous in the hair!  Every time my 13 year old daughter hooks me up and does my hair in any of these 5 Summer Up-Do’s I get TONS of compliments on my hair!

Summer Up-Do Tutorial

upside down braid into bun

1.  How to Do an Upside-Down Braid Into a Bun {hair tutorial} -How to Do an Upside-Down Braid into a Bun is my absolute favorite Up-Do style for the summer.  My thirteen year old daughter started doing this style on herself this spring and then tried it on me this week and I’m hooked.  If you know how to french braid, you’ll be able to do this style with ease, if not, here’s a video tutorial (you just have to do it upside down).  It just takes 3 steps and you have a gorgeous up-do that’s not fussy and lasts all day.

How to Make a "Twisty" Bun {hair tutorial}

2.  How to Make a “Twisty” Bun {hair tutorial} – How to Make a “Twisty” Bun is one of my favorite Up-Do styles for the summer.  My thirteen year old daughter does this style for me and it never fails to draw tons of compliments.    The undo is perfect for the summer because it gets your hair up and off your neck so you’ll stay cool, and it also looks really pretty.  I just love that this “twisty” bun can be dressed up or down.  It’s super simple to do, too!

sea shell flip bun

3.  How to Make a Sea Shell Flip Bun {hair tutorial} –  How to Make a Sea Shell Flip Bun is a great Up-Do styles for the summer because it looks so summery.  The silhouette actually looks like a sea shell and of all the updo’s my daughter does for me, I have worn this one the most. It can easily go from casual to formal, and that’s one of the things I love most about it.  Here’s how to make a Sea Shell Flip bun, with a video tutorial for making a princess lace braid in case you don’t know how.  You can also make this braid without the braid and it looks lovely.

staircase bun/braid

4.  How to Make a Staircase Bun/Braid {hair tutorial} – How to Make a Staircase Bun/Braid is a fun Up-Do style for the summer, and I can almost guarantee you won’t find anyone else with the same hair that day.  This hairstyle requires a dutch braid on a diagonal so it’s a bit difficult to do it on yourself.  If you have a friend or daughter that loves to do hair, I’d get their help with this one!

braided sock bun

5.  How to Make a Braided Sock Bun {hair tutorial} – How to Make a Braided Sock Bun is the most time consuming of my top Up-Do styles for the summer.  It’s easy to do, but takes a bit of time because it requires a few small braids within the bun and those will take a few minutes.  The pictures don’t really show how pretty the braids are within the bun.  They really pop and add dimension to the hair do that is unexpected and super pretty.  I just love the braided sock bun up-do!

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  1. So many cute hair styles… I wish that they worked for my hair length! But I’m still stuck in the can’t decide if I want to grow it out long again or go with a cute short cut.

  2. Number 2 is my favorite. But I’m totally hair challenged. Even a braid (not a French braid) done by me on my head looks off. Can your daughter come teach me?

  3. LOVE that first style!! Thanks for the tutorials!!

  4. What lovely hairstyles! I will have to share this with my daughter and a gal in our church who loves tutorials on doing hair! Thanks for sharing!