5 Homemade Pioneer Crafts, Play and Recipes for Kids

Here’s 5 Homemade Pioneer Crafts, Play and Recipes for Kids that you’ll love if you ever have occasion to celebrate Pioneers.  Every year Utah has a big Pioneer Day celebration.  I just happened to be in Utah this year during their celebration (July 24th) and I picked up the best Honey Taffy ever, which reminded me that there are some great projects for teaching about the Pioneers on the web.  These are my top picks!

DIY Pioneer Crafts

Pioneer Bonnet Tutorial

1.  Pioneer Bonnet Tutorial – This tutorial for making a pioneer bonnet is fabulous.  When my kids were in 2nd grade they had a unit where they re-inacted a 1 room school house from the 1830’s and this would have been so handy to make my girls a bonnet!


covered wagon

2.  Covered Wagon – Here’s a great tutorial for making a covered wagon with materials you have around the house!  Your kids can get creative and use their imagination, so it’s extra fun.

Pioneer Activities

how to make stilts

3.  How to Make Stilts – Technically, this tutorial is for making stilts that are more for the 21st century, but I couldn’t resist putting them in.  I image that every Pioneer child wanted a pair of stilts for some fun, right?

Prairie Activities

4.  Prairie Activities – Word, Play, House put together a fabulous list of 15 Things to Do on the Prairie.  I can’t even tell you how wonderful the list is.  She gives you plenty of ideas that your kiddos will love.

Homemade Pioneer Recipe

Pioneer Taffy

5.  Pioneer Taffy – If you’ve ever been to Utah and visited the Lion House, this is the recipe for Taffy they sell, and it’s a fun recipe to make at a party or as a family because you can pull it together!  {{super fun!}}

Other Crafts You’ll Enjoy:

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