Top 10 list of Things that would make me happy in the summer

I had high hopes for a summer filled with lazy (and I mean lazy) days by the pool. We’ve had some great days, but it haven’t been as lazy as I anticipated.  So, in the spirit of my dream lazy day, I present to you 10 things that would make my laziest day the best lazy day of the summer.

  1. Sunshine.  With temperatures in the high 80’s.
  2. Sleeping in.
  3. Not having to feed or remind anyone of their REGULAR schedule….like making their beds, brushing their teeth, etc.
  4. Lounging all day with a really good book.
  5. Having all of my meals brought to me.
  6. Being able to take a cat nap in the sun.
  7. Swimming.  A lot.
  8. Quarts of ice water.
  9. Having my house cleaned for me.
  10. A date with the hubs at sunset.

What about you?  What 10 things would you require for the perfect day?

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  1. Oh yeah, that sounds wonderful! I could deal with a day like that too. Of course, with an almost 5 year old — I never get a lazy day. But one of these days, I’ll long to be busy with a little one under my feet again.

    Enjoy your Thursday!

  2. That sounds like a perfect lazy day to me! I can’t wait to get back to the pool this weekend. It’s been too chilly to go all week.

  3. I just have one. I want the word mom to be banned from my home for just one day. ONE day. That’s all.

  4. Laurie Johnson says

    That sounds so good. I would just want to add some time with happy, pleasant children who get along and enjoy the time together in that plan and I am there.:)

  5. I could do this! What an absolutely fabulous day! Your list is awesome.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. We spent every day in the pool all through June but now we are beset with rain and cooler temperatures this week and the forecast shows another week ahead of storms. So what would make me really happy right now is for the sun and heat to come back and let us have our lovely afternoons in the pool! I am really missing them and so is my daughter. Pool days feel like vacation days.

  7. I think your list is perfect.

  8. Sounds perfect to me. Can I add no whining to the list?

  9. those all make for a perfect day if it happened in real life..LOL

  10. Those 10 things would make me pretty happy as well. I think I would just trade the water for diet coke to make it perfection.

  11. Great fun list

  12. Perfect list. If only it could come true…

  13. Those all sound good to me, especially having the house cleaned for me so I will have more time for fun!

  14. Susie's Homemade says

    I think you have it covered:-)

  15. Oooh! That does sound like a super fabulous day!

  16. Ahh..this does sound like the perfect summer day! Where do I sign up?

  17. Minus the swimming I’m totally with you. I don’t like to swim. Probably because I suck at it and only do it in emergency situations.

  18. That sounds just about perfect! I couldnt ask for anything better……well, maybe if it were two straight days or even weeks of it!

  19. Being able to lounge around all day with people waiting on ME?!! Yep, that would definitely be a perfect day 🙂

  20. That’s sounds amazing…I say we start a blog movement to declare one day per summer just like this for parents.

  21. Mmmmm…. Even a slice of that days sounds great!

    Found you via Mama Kat’s… Fun!

  22. Wow, just reading that list makes me happy! Couldn’t agree more with it! I’d say that would make a great birthday or Mother’s Day request/gift.

  23. Now that’s my kind of list! Last summer I actually read a book while lying in the hammock in the backyard – it was heavenly.

  24. All of that sounds great!

    I would want to indulge in some rich and creamy gourmet ice cream to end a perfect day…

  25. I love this post idea. I usually do a daily list of 7 things I am grateful for, and love this one for summer. I would just be happy to sit on a wood deck, overlooking a beautiful river, set amongst the pine trees on a cool day enjoying a glass of ice tea watching the world go by.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  26. Yes … this is a lazy day. When kids are involved, a day is almost never lazy.

  27. #11- Not feeling guilty for doing things #2 through 10.

  28. I think your perfect day would be my perfect day 🙂