Keep those comments coming. I’m loving hearing about you.

41. I did not know that Poinsettia’s could not tolerate the cold.
42. Jeff and I started dating our senior year of high school.
43. I like to be helpful.
44. I dropped out of college 2 classes shy of my bachelor’s degree but then went back and completed my degree when Grace was 1.
45. When Jeff was hooded at his graduation ceremony I liked it so much that it made me want to get a graduate degree.
46. And then we went to St. Martin for vacation. Another reason to get a graduate degree.
47. I don’t have a favorite color, favorite food, favorite song or favorite movie.
48. I rarely watch T.V. If I do, it’s only bits and pieces.
49. I love to watch good dramas in the theatre.
50. When we lived in MA, I used to LOVE to go to Sturbridge Village and Concord.
51. I love history.
52. I took 3 years of French and managed to retain about two words.
53. I love it when babies have food all over their faces from enjoying their lunch or dinner.
54. I’d like to know how some people always manage to keep their kids clean.
55. I only allow washable markers in my house, and even those are kept under lock and key.
56. I love, love, love my husband.
57. I love, love, love my children.
58. My sister and I once got into a knock down drag out fight at school.
59. I’m terrible about proof reading what I write. Jeff always catches my misspelled words before they’ve been out there too long, though. If only I would take the time to do a spell check!
60. I was at a fair when I was in the 3rd grade where my step mom was selling crafts when the security guard told my step mom that a man had been trailing me all day. Scary.
61. We had a trampoline growing up, and I LOVED it. I’d go out back and just do flip after flip after flip. But only one flip at once. Too big of a scaredy cat to do more.
62. I really, really don’t like whinning. By children or adults.
63. I got hit by a car when I was in the 6th grade and broke my tailbone. An ambulance, a fire truck and police all came with their bells and whistles. It was pretty overwhelming.
64. I’ve never broken a bone that needs a cast. Sigh. I always wanted to.
65. I’ve only had one speeding ticket.
66. I’ve only fainted once.
67. I had my wisdom teeth removed when I was 32.
68. I really don’t like the dentist.
69. I have lots and lots of freckles.
70. The first new car I ever bought was an Acura Integra.
71. My sister and I bought a condo together when I was 18.
72. Ashley Tisdale is my absolute favorite Disney actress.
73. I’ve been known to tell my kids to shut up. I know, I know.
74. I used to want to be a lawyer when I grew up.
75. When I had my C-Section, I didn’t even know I’d been cut open until I heard the amniotic fluid being sucked out.
76. I’m glad I’m wasn’t a pioneer. I like modern conveniences and pain medication way. too. much.
77. If I had to choose one appliance that I think is totally dispensable, it would be an electric can opener.
78. I like managing things and people.
79. I would like to know why some people never feel the need to comment on blogs they visit. Ever. And this isn’t meant as a hint. I’m seriously curious since I go to the other extreme of probably commenting too much….

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Angie is a CRAFT dabbling, recipe making, WORD loving, sunshine hording, book DEVOURING, Mama to a lot! She's kind of in love with Instagram right now, so if you want her attention, go find here there. {smiling}


  1. Crazymamaof6 says

    love this list! i can’t believe you ahve no favorites. why not? i proofread after i post. and then have to edit and still miss tons of lame words consistently. i’m not a fan of the dentist either. can’t wait for more. so fun to get to know you better , i love random lists about people!

  2. Wonderful!! I can’t wait for 80-100. I am with you on the modern conveniences. I would not have made it as a pioneer.

  3. Wow, again so many that are the same for me. Can’t wait to have you finish the list. I’m thinking about doing the same on my blog, you are my inspiration!!

  4. Oh my heck!! I SOOOO did not need to know that about the c-section. I mean I knew they would suck the fluid, but I was put asleep and just yuck! I am squemish (sp?) about surgeries. Yuck!!

    I cannot stand whining either. It is like nails on a chalkboard. I do not mind venting, but not whining.

    -Hanging head- I have told my kids to shut up too. Rarely, because we taught our kids we do not use that word, but I have a couple of times. Then they tell me that is a bad word and send me to time -out. Hmmm… I should do that today! LOL

    Great list!

  5. Rosie Yanosko says

    This is such a great idea Angie! I think I might have to snatch this idea from you!

    It’s funny, after reading the first part of your entry I spent all day thinking of unique things about myself. It certainly was an odd experience 🙂

  6. I might have to do 100 things about me, too. How fun. On the fainting; I have naturally low blood pressure and have fainted alot! Its SO embarrassing. When I was in the hospital with my twins the nurses used to take my BP two or three times to make sure it was correct. When I was in the hospital with my son they had a BP monitor on me as a precaution and I set off the alarm so many times while I was sleeping that they finally just turned the darn thing off. I promised them that I wouldn’t die. LOL! There was something else I was going to comment on….can’t remember. I’ll have to come back.

  7. I remember what it was I was going to comment on: I love surgeries and begged Dr. Ismail to let me watch my c-section. I really wanted to watch them slice me open and pull my girls out. He wouldn’t let me. During the c-section my BP dropped really low from the narcotic they put in my spinal and I almost passed out on the table. They put something in my IV to bring it back up, which really thrilled the resident anesthesiologist. She was so happy to be able to do something besides just monitor me. lol!

  8. Hooray! I love your lists.

  9. I only use hand can openers. Will you still be my friend?

    There’s a pair of Boots light ups in it for ya!

  10. Are You Serious! says

    Very funny! I have a really great one for Debra when I do my 100 things about c-sections! 🙂

    Loved hearing more about you!

  11. I think I beat you in the ugly feet department, and I share your envy of eyelashes!


  12. oh my… we have so many things in common.
    I don’t watch tv a lot
    I hate dentist (when I was 6 my mom took me to a dentist to pick my baby tooth. I ran away to the forest and got home in the afternoon. well, I finally went to the dentist again next day…)
    I watch drama
    I fainted a lot until I was 18, of low blood pressure.
    oh no.. I’m not making my list here…
    can’t wait for the rest!!!

  13. Driving With the Brakes On says

    Love, love, love learning more about the bloggers I frequent and can’t wait to read more!

    (And I have also been known to ask my 2.5-year-old to shut up . . . he was giving the automated teller on the other end of my phone conversation all the wrong prompts and as a result put me on terminal hold!)

  14. Casey's trio says

    Love the list Angie! My first new car was also an Integra…mine was red. What color was yours? And I also have lots and lots of freckles! Your list is motivating me to try to come up with one of my own…maybe when I’m off work over the Christmas holiday I can think some things up:)

  15. I love this! I am toying with the idea. Trying to get up the nerve. 100 is such a big #!:)
    Keep it coming. I proofread well, the writing is my stumblingblock. oh well I guess you can’t have it all.:):)

  16. Jeremiah R. Jones says

    no comment…

  17. There are so many I relate too! I am loving reading these. I do love t.v and I have lots of favorites movies, shows, etc…

    I also did not get my wisdom teeth out till 32, but you knew that already! You know I love history too and also loved concord. I especially loved Plymouth during my last trip!

    #79 bugs me too. Comments just make my day!

  18. My name is Tammie says

    This is so fun! I love reading these.

  19. I also rarely wear shoes & its even rarer that I have socks on. I also had a loved on die of homocide & AIDS. Even though I wish we didn’t have that one common. I also have zero music talent which is a secret since I am a music editor…I can fake it very well 🙂 I also dropped outta college with 2 classes left…plan on going back next year 🙂 I was told at my last dentist appointment to have my wisdom teeth pulled…by the time I get around to it I will most likely be 32…hahaha. I HATE the dentist. I also am covered in freckles. I also love to browse through houses. It gives great ideas for my own house. I wish I blogged so I could make my own list. This was really entertaining Angie thanks!

    Jenny L.

  20. Love it ALL! Can’t believe you got hit by a car. I have never used an electric can opener therefor I guess I am with you. Can’t wait for the rest and I am so totally impressed that you have been able to come up with such great facts!

  21. oaky, phew, i feel better. i have told me kids to shut up too, yes, i have. i always wanted to wear a cast too, and braces. the second wish did come true, but i was over wanting them. this is so funny. i love reading this! and about clean kids? oh, i used to try soooo hard, but really, it is not worth it.

  22. carrie & troy keiser says

    I love your list and that you stole Cecily’s idea! 🙂 You could’ve & would’ve made it as a pioneer, beacuse, you would NOT have know what you were missing bieng born 100 years to soon! Let’s see, something about me…. although I have 6 kids that drive me batty and sometimes envoke images of me running away from home, there are days I want a baby! {I’m sure that is a sign of needing commiting to a mental healt institute!}