2011: A Year in Review

Nothing like publishing a year in review post 2 weeks after the New Year, right?

These Year in Review posts that I do are always fun for me because it’s a great opportunity for me to see what my monthly highlights were.  Heavens know I can’t remember!  2011 found me busier than ever, but not on my blog.  Apparently.

In January Jeff and the kids and I took a 2 week vacation to Florida.  I believe that I posted about the trip in February, though.  I also became a Contributing Editor on SITS and I geared up for bringing home a DOG.  That was huge.

February found me recapping our Florida Vacation here and here.  Good to know I didn’t drop the ball on that one!

What do you know?  I dragged my Florida Vacation posts into March here and here.  I also finally introduced Bisco the dog to everyone.  He’s cute, isn’t he?  Child #1 also asked to not be showcased on my blog any more.  I’m glad she forgot.

In April I turned 35.  Oh wait.  That was the previous year.  April was the month that we lost and found the dog.  BIG stuff.

In May Jeff and I decorated the twins room in a pirate theme (very cute) and I got my craft on by making my girls a cute bulletin board for their room.  It seems like something else must have happened that month (oh yes, Mother’s Day), but apparently not.

June found the dog ingesting his first dose of chocolate.  Since then he’s become addicted and we’ve had to give him hydrogen peroxide 3 times to get him to throw up after getting into chocolate.  Again.

In July I’m positive I went camping in Utah with my family, and my brother in law crashed and almost ripped off his ear, yet I didn’t post anything about it.  Hum. Oh, I remember why now.  I couldn’t post pictures without giving away my dads Christmas present.

August was a good blogging month.  I attended my first BlogHer (BlogHer Day 1, BlogHer with Parenting by Dummies and More BlogHer) and took the kids to Olvera Street and Union Station in Los Angeles.

In September I wrote one of my favorite pieces for the Million Mom’s Challenge and ABC.  I shared a few glimpses of my trip to Utah from the previous month (herding sheep and Temple Hill).  Oh, we also noticed for the first time that the new Pfister boxes were out with the twins on them.  How could I forget that my kids went back to school this month?

In October I didn’t publish anything worth mentioning.  Sad, right?  Not even Halloween pictures.  Those better be coming in November….

Let’s see:  November.  Nope, I didn’t publish any Halloween pictures….I did recognize that my little guys turned 6 though, and that they still destroy everything in sight.  Oh, I also published my favorite chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe.

And last but not least, December.  I shared pictures of the twins Circus Themed Birthday Party and how to Make S’Mores in a Jar.  Yummy!

Here’s to a better year.  One in which I’m a little more forth coming with things that actually matter to me……

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  1. Glad to be going month by month with you this year.

  2. Are you sure about Halloween pics? I distinctly remember seeing Halloween photos somewhere…

  3. I like the year in review! That is a very good idea. And of course you need to do it in January — the time in January should not matter.