11 Fun Party Themes for Boys and Girls

How to throw fun parties for boys and girls is easy with a little inspiration!   These party tutorials, including Wizard of Oz, Circus, Hockey, Science, Parisian, CTR, Annie, Alice in Wonderland and more, are all easy with just the right food, decor, and games.  Easy Peasy!

Party Themes Based on Movies

Wizard of Oz Party

1.  Wizard of Oz Party – How to Throw a Wizard of Oz Party can be downright enjoyable if given enough ideas.  My sister loves to throw Themed Birthday Parties and her Wizard of Oz party turned out to be another fabulous one, full of Ruby Red goodness.  If you are wanting to throw a Wizard of Oz party, this post should give you plenty of ideas to get you started! Just follow the Yellow Brick Road…

Alice in Wonderland

2.  Alice in Wonderland – If you are wanting to throw an Alice in Wonderland, tea inspired party, this post should give you plenty of ideas to get you started!

Annie Party

3.  Annie Party – How to Throw an Annie Themed Birthday Party is like a walk down memory lane.  Annie may be new for the little ones, but it’s nostalgic for mom so it’s a win/win in my book!

Girl Themed Parties

cowgirl themed party

4.  Cowgirl Themed Party – Themed Birthday Parties are so much fun, and my sister clearly knows how to rope a memorable party.  Like this one.  If you are wanting to throw a cowgirl themed birthday party, this post is for you!  Giddy Up Cowgirl!

parisian Themed Party

5.  How to Throw a Parisian Themed Party – Wanting some girly-girl birthday party inspiration?  Then look no further.  My sister threw the best Tres Chic Parisian Themed Birthday Party for her daughter recently and I couldn’t help but share it with you.   Ooh la la!

Rainbow Cupcake Themed Party

6.  Rainbow Cupcake Themed Party – How to Throw a Rainbow Cupcake Themed Birthday Party can be the easiest tween themed party ever.  Of all the Themed Birthday Parties I’ve thrown, this was the easiest, because it only involved one event (a cupcake decorating bar) and a few cute inexpensive decorations at my home!  It’s been my experience that the older the children get, the less “stuff” they want at their party, and so a cupcake party with an outside outing (in this case getting manicures at a salon) was the perfect party plan.  To throw a rainbow cupcake themed birthday party all you need is a cute banner, a few varieties of candy and of course cupcakes.  It’s easy peasy!

Gender Neutral Theme

Circus Themed Party

7.  How to Throw a Circus Themed Party – For a circus themed party with free printables, game ideas with concession stand idea, photo booth idea and more, this is your go to party post idea!

Sports Party Theme

Hockey Themed Party

8.  Hockey Themed Birthday Party – How to Throw a Hockey Themed Birthday Party can be downright fun if given enough ideas.  My sister throws amazing Themed Birthday Parties, and this was no exception.  She designed the party around her son’s love of hockey and favorite team, the LA Kings.  She used a purple and black color palette and her son’s hockey gear for decorations.  So, if you are wanting to throw a Hockey Themed Party, this post should give you plenty of ideas to get you started!

Science Party Theme

science themed birthday party

9.  How to Throw a Science Themed Birthday Party – How to Throw a Science Themed Birthday Party can be downright fun if given enough ideas.  Of all the Themed Birthday Parties they could pick, my twins chose a science party for their 7th birthday.  I’m pretty sure they thought we were going to blow stuff up, which factored into their decision.  We did make diet coke explode, we made snow, played with magnets, did an experiment with milk and food coloring and even learned about astronomy, geology and physics.  Plus, we had time to eat and open presents.  So, if you are wanting to throw a Science Themed Party, this post should give you plenty of ideas to get you started!

Boys Party Theme

Pirate Party

10.  Pirate Party – For a Pirate party with Pirate Pizza,Gold Fish, Wormy Weapons (sour worms), Plunderer’s Punch (Red carbonate drink), Sailor’s Salad andCaptive Cupcakes  and Pirate games including (walk the plank, a sword fight, a treasure hunt and pin the eye patch on the pirate) and more…..

CTR Party Theme

CTR party

11.  CTR Party {how to} with Printables – How to Throw CTR Party with Printables is Easy Peasy and super inexpensive, too!  I threw my twins this CTR party following their LDS baptism for 35 people for under $100, including food!

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