How to Make a “Twisty” Bun {hair tutorial}

How to Make a “Twisty” Bun is one of my favorite Up-Do styles for the summer.  My thirteen year old daughter does this style for me and it never fails to draw tons of compliments.    The undo is perfect for the summer because it gets your hair up and off your neck so you’ll stay cool, and it also looks really pretty.  I just love that this “twisty” bun can be dressed up or down.  It’s super simple to do, too!  Here’s how:

Twisty bun

How to Make a Twisty Bun

Twisty Bun

Step 1: First, split the hair in half. On one side, start twisting all the hair. Twist the other side, then tie together with an elastic. (If this step is hard for you, you can use a topsy tail to flip the hair under itself to create a similar look)

Step 2: Next, make a “two-strand braid” (just twist two sections) out of the hair coming out of the pony tail.

Step 3: Make a bun out of this hair and use bobby pins to secure it into place.

Step 4: Fix any stray hairs and hairspray the hairstyle for good hold throughout the day.

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  1. Gorgeous!!!! Of course, the hair color doesn’t hurt either. 😉