NO-Sew Wonder Woman Costume {DIY}

What’s better than a fabulous looking costume that looks sewn but isn’t?  Um, a no-sew costume that you can make in about 2-3 hours.  My sister made this fabulous NO-SEW Wonder Woman Costume {be still my heart} that looks like a million bucks and I couldn’t be more impressed.  Her inspiration came from this video tutorial, but was modified by using a tank top instead of a tube top, a star on the belt buckle and a longer skirt.  Some supplies you will need is a blue skirt, red tank top, gold fabric, gold vinyl, white vinyl, red felt, liquid stitch, elastic, velcro and scissors.  I guarantee this will be the hit of the super heroine crowd!

Wonder Woman Costume

Materials Needed for a No-Sew Wonder Woman Costume


  • Blue Skirt
  • Red Tank Top
  • White Vinyl, 1 yard, $2.39
  • Gold Fabric, 1 yard, $2.99
  • Red felt, 1 sheet, $.25
  • Gold vinyl, 1 sheet, $1.49 (found by sheets of felt)
  • Liquid Stitch, $5.49 (use 40% off coupon)
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Star Template & Star Punch
  • Velcro
  • Elastic
  • Note: All fabric, felt, vinyl, liquid stitch and velcro were purchased from Hobby Lobby.  The skirt and tank top were purchased at Old Navy.

Step-by-step Directions for Making a No-Sew Wonder Woman Costume

DIY Wonder Woman Skirt


Step 1:  Use a star paper punch for the template for the skirt.  (If you don’t have a star punch download star templates from google.)  Trace the star on the back of the gold vinyl with a pencil.  Cut them out.  Position the stars in the desired location on the skirt.  Once the stars are where you would like begin gluing them down with the liquid stitch.  A small brush works best to evenly spread the glue.

DIY Wonder Woman Belt


Step 2:  Measure child’s waist and cut vinyl to size.  (I used a 4″ width, but depending on the size of your child you could make it smaller.) Lay vinyl strip on top of gold fabric to use as a guide and cut gold fabric leaving 1-1/2″ on each side.  Fold gold fabric over vinyl and glue down.  Clothespins worked great for keeping in place.

DIY Buckle


Cut belt buckle out of vinyl using a 5″ width and 5″ length.  Fold rectangle in half length wise and cut a 1″ slant.  Lay on top of gold fabric and cut gold fabric leaving a 1-1/2″ allowance.  Fold gold fabric over the vinyl and glue down.  Next, glue the gold belt buckle to one end of the belt.  Hold in place with clothespins until glue is semi-dry.  When glue is dry turn belt over and add (3) 4″ strips of velcro to the buckle.  For the star I used this template and traced and cut on red felt.  Glue to the front of the belt buckle.

DIY Wonder Woman Shirt


Step 3:  Use the t-shirt as a guide to trace the neckline and arm openings on a piece of white paper.  Free hand draw the heart shaped bottom portion.  Cut template out and trace on vinyl or scrap fabric.  Lay over gold fabric and cut out leaving a 1/2″ allowance.  Fold and glue bottom “heart-shaped” portion onto vinyl or scrap fabric (depending on which you use).  Glue to tank top leaving neckline and arm opening overlapping.  Fold over neckline and arm opening over hang and glue.  Tip: after gluing I ironed gold fabric so that it lays flat.  Make sure you use a towel as a barrier in between fabric and iron.

DIY Cuffs


Step 4:  Measure child’s wrists and cut vinyl to size.  I used a 4″ width.  Cover vinyl in gold fabric and glue down.  When glue is dry add a strip of velcro to each end.  Use the star template, trace and cut out two more red felt stars.  Glue one star on each cuff in the center.

DIY Crown


Step 5:  Measure the front of child’s forehead to make the template for the crown.  Trace and cut crown using the vinyl.  Cover in gold fabric.  Make sure the front and back is completely covered in gold fabric or it will look messy.  You can either glue the elastic to the crown or hand sew it like I did.  Don’t forget to attach another red felt star to the center of the crown.

 No-Sew Wonder Woman Costume


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  1. Now that is an awesome costume! A lot to cold to wear trick or treating here in Michigan though since it’s been in the 30’s at night and highs around 50 during the day.

  2. I see the track back worked … Just wanted to say thanks for a great tutorial for the sewing machine-averse! My daughter loved her costume and strutted like a peacock in it all day. 🙂

  3. Super cute costume! I just made an evil queen costume. Love your idea and how easy it was. Drop by and share your project at my weekly party if you like. I’m sure my readers would love it.

  4. I heart this so much!